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Originally Posted by DeathBrewer View Post
And why not? Guinness is a light beer!
I may not be an expert, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express........ 6 months ago.

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Feb 2009
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A fairly smart acquaintance hesitantly takes a pull off of a Chocolate stout. Astonished look on his face"It tastes like chocolate!" Uh yyyeah thats the idea. BMC drinker "Tastes like flowers and grass." Uh yyyeah thats what Hops taste like. I think it's our duty to educate palates to the wonders of GOOD beer.

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Originally Posted by MikeFlynn74 View Post
half irish half jewish.

Thats gotta be some neat inner turmoil.
Nope its half white male protestant/half Jewish that leads to true inner turmoil.

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Not totally appropriate, but since we're talking about commercial beer too... I was in line at the grocery with a sampler case of Goose Island, and some dude behind me was like, is that actually good? I'm like, yah. He's like, well, I only buy American-made beer, like Bud. And I go, well, this is from Chicago. Illinois.

I think there is this stereotype that the only "good" beers must be imports.

And as far as my own beer, I've definitely had people mistake "malty" for "hoppy" as well.

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Originally Posted by Austinhomebrew View Post

Let those people have that. That is what that beer is for. Who wants to drink a 12 of Guinness to get drunk?

I'll take that challenge!
"Dad, Bob broke your beer!"

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MIL wants me to make a grape flavoured beer.

Umm it's called wine.

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Originally Posted by SFBEER View Post
MIL wants me to make a grape flavoured beer.

Umm it's called wine.
Not if it's got malted barley in it!

Maybe you call that grape graff...

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Originally Posted by GregR View Post
I was thinking about us (being the type of people that enjoy a variety of beers) being called beer snobs. I rarely ever buy the same six pack twice in a row, I like the variety.

aren't the BMC guys who stick exclusively to their one brand of beer being more of a snob than we are? at least we try new beers and are open to the possibility that they could actually taste good.
Snobbery has nothing to do with what you consume but only how you view others who choose differently from you. Craft beer drinkers looking down on BMC drinkers for their choice of beer is exactly the same as BMC drinkers looking down upon others for drinking that hoity toity craft beer stuff.

There are a lot of craft beer/ homebrew drinkers who believe that BMC drinkers are ignorant rubes who would choose differently if they only knew better or weren't so stupid, etc. There are also a lot of BMC drinkers who view craft beer/homebrew drinkers as Elitist Ass C$%^s who should step down off their high horse to mingle with the masses now and then.

Is either group more wrong? I don't think so. I think both groups are schmucks.
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So, this wasn't necessarily a stupid comment, but it made me laugh anyway. I brought my dad a glass of my first homebrew (an Irish Red). He sipped it and said, "Hey, this is actually good! I was expecting it to taste like that crap that Jim [his associate] used to make." Heh! It turns out that Jim had made a couple batches of Mr. Beer before he lost interest.
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Asked last night:

- Next door girl: How do you put the bubbles inside the bottle?

- Me: I put some small bugs in the beer, the drink it and they fart a lot.

- Next door girl: No, seriously, How do you get it?

- Me: I've got a bubble maker machine.

- Next door girl: And how do you get the alcohol?

- Me: Just buy it in a bulk, then pour it in the beer.

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