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Originally Posted by Schlenkerla View Post
I was sharing my Sparkling Cranberry Cider with my sister- in-law. My mother-in-law hears her daughter raving about how good it tastes. Therefore she wants a glass of it too.

I pour her a splash in a glass, she says fill it up. I'm like OK, fill it and pass it over to her. She takes a sip.... says "This stuff is pretty good."

She starts to chug about it down. In one go about half the glass is gone.

I told her, "Take it easy. This cider has 8.5% alcohol."

She goes to me. "Did you say there is alcohol in this stuff?" The look she gives is like I've got three heads.

I said, "Yes" Then she walks over to the sink and dumps the rest down the drain.

Then she says, " You didn't tell me there was alcohol in it, I thought it was just juice."

I was thinking the 20oz Chablis glass might be a dead give away. I guess I should have poured it one of my wife's McDonald's glasses and kept my mouth shut!

double lol

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Wow... I love this thread.

So far most of the people i made them taste the stuff have been either polite or rather enthusiastic.

My wife takes a sip or two sometimes and then says: "I'm not much into beer anyways".

But she admits it has flavor and interesting tastes, but she's more into Red wine.

My sister in law tasting a dark Irish Ale i made gave me a look like i just gave her a glass of windshield washer fluid and said: "This doesn't taste like beer at all, what did you put in there?".
As long as there is some Beer left, there is Hope.

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I shared some of my Brown Biscuit over christmas. The only odd comment was "Is it supposed to be this dark?"
"Science + beer = good!"
-Adam Savage

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Nov 2008
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Had this thread in mind last night and i couldn't help to compare Beer making to music making.

For those of you who do play and compose their own songs you might relate to what i say here, presenting your own music to relatives often gets you as harsh a response as making them taste your homebrew.

This is such a sad planet filled with so many clueless ignorants... I'll drink to that.
As long as there is some Beer left, there is Hope.

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I generally don't play my music to my relatives. SWMBO is rarely much of a fan, my kids sometimes dig it, but everyone else I give up on.
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Recently when telling a friend that I started making homebrew he told me that he has always heard that the first few batches are no good. What? That's like saying the first cake you ever bake will be trash. Apparently he didn't think there could actually be beer recipes out there and people who know what they are doing.

He asked what type of beer I will make. I said, "Pretty much all kinds except IPA because I'm not a fan of super hoppy beers." He then proceeded to tell me that IPA's taste the way they do because it's the leftovers from various kegs all mixed together!! I couldn't believe it, sometimes I wish people just pull their head out of their a** and think before they talk.

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big beers turn my gears
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After a friend brings some one else over to the keg telling him I made it, I usually get "Did you make this?" reply, "No, its just a bunch of bottles I poured into this big soda can" Heres your sign.
Originally Posted by the_bird View Post
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i gave out a batch of EdWort's Apfelwein i made at christmas, and many people enjoyed it and i explained what it was and how i made it and such.

Then one person emailed me telling me they tried it and said "it tasted a lot like apples" i was like: " WTF mate, did u listen to my explanation at all?"

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As tempting as it is to call people idiots, remember that you're much more experienced and knowledgeable than the average person on the topic. Even home brewers that enjoy many styles of beer could mis-identify something by taste.

And think about what the average person is exposed to.

I try not to do it, but it's hard. I can't stand when people ask me to change the music I'm listening to because it has no words.

No ****, genius, it's music.

But I oblige because they just haven't developed the taste for that. Just like I hadn't before a foray into hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of musical dabblings.

That being said - I spied someone switch from miller lite to a bottled Pils a month ago and on the first sip they said

"WHOA, What's in this?!"

I found the bottle nearly full on a table later that night. It just seems like such a shame that people do ANYTHING and don't take the time to expand their knowledge and taste for it. Music, beer, art, literature, EVERYTHING.

But we're all ignorant of something
Kill your television

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It isn't the lack of knowledge that bothers me, but the complete aversion to new things and different experiences. That is what makes an idiot to me.

Luckily, most people I run across are either, beer nerds, wanna be beer nerds, or people who drink anything given to them. So I either get honest reviews, or "dude, you are my new beer god!" Like totally!

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