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Originally Posted by Tex View Post
If it's darker than a pale ale and lighter than a Guinness, 9 times out of ten I get, "oh wow! Tastes like shiner!"

I don't even lager.
You probably don't add food coloring, either
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About my IPA: This tastes just like Oberon.

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When I hand a friend a beer and tell them I made it they take a whiff: "smells like beer"
A few seconds later they take a sip: "wow, tastes like beer too!"

No s**t, that's the point of homebrew.

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Originally Posted by rhoadsrage View Post
So you haven't tried the newest version Bud Light Lime-rita? now with a pinch of salt. (google it if you think I'm making that up)
Not the worst thing I've ever had believe it or not. In fact I'd rather have a lime-rita then an actual Bud Light. Of course I'd rather have a real margarita then a lime-rita but thats just getting picky.

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I went out to dinner with my wife and father in law who is a big wine drinker. When the waitress took our drink order my FIL ordered a bottle of wine, I am not a huge wine drinker but like to have a few now and then and it was an Italian restaurant and red wine seems to go good with Italian(like I said I am not a big wine drinker so if that is wrong don't kill me). When she asked me what I wanted I said I would be fine with the wine. My FIL proceeded to tell her I was a beer drinker and knew a lot about beer etc. The waitress was excited to tell me they have lots of different kinds of beer, over 20 kinds. When she started to tell me what they have "bud, bud light, miller light, miller high life, coors, coors light, labatts blue, labatts blue light, molson, etc". I just drank wine that night.

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Ha! That's amazing... especially since she got excited to tell you about the 20 different labels they have for the same style
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That reminds me of my uncle. We got into a conversation about beer and how I brew and all that. He started off by saying when are you opening your "beer shop" (he is a mechanic). Then later on in the conversation he said he tried many types of beer "miller light, busch light, corona, pabst, bud light, ect" I just smiled and I didn't have the heart to tell him that's all the same stuff. Lol
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When I first got started my dad asked me when I was going to make something other than "flavored beer". At that point the craziest thing I had made was an oatmeal stout and a rye IPA.

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Aug 2011
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Last month I had a couple guys over for a tasting and UFC night. Hefe, pumpkin ale, Stone IPA clone The first guy showed up. Hefe - 'whoah, I actually like this', pumpkin - 'there's too much going on here', ipa - he brought the glass to his lips, took a half sip, and said 'no' and gave it back to me. The other guys came, ended up loving the IPA, with really good compliments and stuck with that the rest of the night.

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Jan 2012
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Im lucky and most of my friends are either craft beer drinkers or married to a craft beer drinker. So while they all enjoy the occasional BMC, they tend to drink the better side of commercial brews when out. But for the most part they have enjoyed most of my beers. Ive notice a trend though that women dont like the smell of hops and most of my IPAs and Ambers tend to be too hoppy for them and I get this:

"Do you have any of your raspberry one left"

though on the opposite the best comment I got from one of the girls was this:

"This is ****ing amazing" which we (me and my brew buddy) immediately replied with "That's what she said" and got the name for our honey blonde
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