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My friend sipped my alt, swished it around in his mouth a bit, and after a few moments of deep thought said "Hmm, tastes like beer."

My old roomate wasn't much of a beer drinker, but would always humor me by at least trying a sip of all my homebrews. After passing on countless light accessible styles, the one he finally liked was a dark Belgian strong ale. Go figure.

On trying the same dark Belgian strong, my dad winced at the high abv and asked if I was an alcoholic.

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Originally Posted by kaptain_karma
On trying the same dark Belgian strong, my dad winced at the high abv and asked if I was an alcoholic.
I had a similar experience with my MIL. She is a junk collector. Does a lot of garage sale-ing, and picks up odds and ends and stores the stuff in a two car garage. The garage is packed w/ junk. I was asked to move a dresser out of there and low & behold I see a glass 5 gal Alpine Water Bottle!!

I asked her what she was going to do with it, she says,

"Nothing, why do you want it?"

I'm like, "Yes!!"

She says "Tell me what you want it for first."

I say,"Beer making."

She goes on to tell tell me she doesn't know what was in it before and that I might get poisioned. I tell he that I will clean it first. That was OK with her. Now this bottle is on a decanting craddle hinged and all. It has a screw on cap to boot. Its pretty nice score for $0.00

2 hours later.....

She comes in to the house and tells me, "I don't think you really need it."

I'm like, "What???"

She goes, "Once you open it you'll have to drink all of that beer or it will go flat!!!! You know I don't think you need to drink that much!!"

I'm busting up on the floor laughing. I explain that it will be a fermentation vessel and that I promised not to drink out of it." Come to think of it that would a 645oz beer!

This total redefines the meaning, "I'm only gonna have one!!"
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Denny's Evil Concoctions
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Well this wasn't a comment on my beer but I just had to quote this chick in this restaurant/bar we go to.

While drinking a pilsner urqell at the end of the night: "I like real pilsner better."

Me walking by and had to say: "Uh, that IS a real pilsner. It's actually thought to be the FIRST pilsner and has been around for almost 200 years."

Her: "Well, they sure improved it a lot since then." (meaning Budweiser as the "improvement").
I may not be an expert, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express........ 6 months ago.

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Dec 2006
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Makes me laugh, I told my significant other about Diacetyl and had her taste a lager after it was done fermenting. She said it tasted good and she couldnt taste any butterscotch, etc.

Now anytime she tastes any of my other beers, lagers or ales, if she doesnt like it she says "eww, tastes like butterscotch!". Cracks me up everytime.

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Dave the Brewer
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I have a friend that picked up a bag of crystal 120, so this is hops? (I love him to death) but he thinks all the beer I brew darker than BMC taste like bark.
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Originally Posted by beta pleated sheet
"How do you make beer at home? Do you have to distill it?"
A co-worker (70+ Years old) :
"Wow. You Brew your own beer? Did you buy your still or make it?'
Bought it at Wal Mart.
Co Worker:
Wal Mart has Everything.
Seriously. I'm here for BEER
It's Not The Size Of Your Rig That Counts....It's How Often You Use It.

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Yep....I tell you what...
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Tonight I was bagging someone's groceries, and they had 2 six packs of Blue Moon. I grabbed the first one and through it in a bag hap hazardously, like I would with BMC. Then I realized what I was doing and gently placed the second one in the bag, making sure not to disturb the sediment.

Wanting to start a conversation about non BMC beer, I was about to make a point of telling the guy that I was trying to not stir up his sediment, when I realized that it was just a wheat ale, not a bottle conditioned ale.

I'm glad I caught myself before saying anything, or it would have been embarrassing, if he know anything about beer.

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Last night a friend said that he didn't like our new stout because "it is too stouty". Strange, since I though the beer came out with less flavor than I would have liked.
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Mar 2007
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I've heard 'tastes like Amber Bock' used to describe several of my beers...and then yes, everything with any flavor is 'really hoppy'

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I try to avoid the aggravation altogether by rarely offering up my own brews unless I really think it will be enjoyed. Just a week or two ago a friend told me that Coors Light was the only thing that tasted good lately(usually his poison is Bud Light....there's a difference?). I had one and wondered how he thought that taste was involved with Coors...because I couldn't find any taste in that can at all.

Another mutual acquaintance, however, is on the road to redemption because he just recently tried brewing his own. It's not bottled yet, but that's a person I'd offer a HB to.

My folks like their Heineken, so my ales don't really go over that well.

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