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sorry couldn't resist the trend.

but i do have a problem with most homebrewed barleywines. the is so much malt that they turn out REALLY sweet ...almost cloyingly sweet. i like the presentation - i like the nose - i like the tones i catch on the middle of the pallet - but sweet on the back end.

what could be done to remedy this
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Mash low. Use some dextrose. Ferment with WLP099, et al.
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No offense but maybe the homebrewers you've sampled from don't know what they're doing...

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I just made a 1.100 belgian that fermented down to 1.020. Getting there took a MASSIVE starter (cake from a 1.092 belgian), 1lbs of belgian candi, 1lbs of lyles golden syrup, started the fermentation out on the cold side (62ish) and warmed the fermenter up to 75° when I noticed the air lock starting to slow. It went for over three weeks straight bubbling... I just racked it into a keg last night. If you are going to make a barleywine up over 10%, like others said you gotta either mash low or use some adjuncts that are completely fermentable like dextrose or honey.
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barley wine isn't easy like your average ale. It takes very careful planning to come up with something drinkable. Do some serious research around here and try one out yourself. I'm sure with HBT as a resource you can come up with something much better than what you've described.
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I like them, but drying them out can be a problem. My 2003 fermented for almost a year, the 2005 nine months. They both attenuated 65-70% in the first two weeks, but the last ten points took a long time.
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Originally Posted by brewhead

what could be done to remedy this
bottle it and forget it for a year...
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I love a good Barleywine, but they are hard to get just right. Like any beer they rely on the right balance of malt and hops, plus the grain bill is (imo) more important since there is so much of it. When done right these are some of the most enjoyable beers around, when done wrong, it's like drinking cough syrup.
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American Barleywines are my favourite style. English ones aren't nearly as good, in my opinion. Those I get too much residual sweetness from.

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Professor Frink
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I'm also a huge fan of American Barleywines. When done right, I can just sit back at sip them all night.
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