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Jul 2009
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I used to love Pale Ales and IPAs about a decade ago before the hops arms race. Now I can't trust them. I like hops but I don't like to rub them in my eyeballs while I'm drinking a beer. I've been burned too many times by over-the-top unbalanced IPAs to try new ones anymore. I have my 3 or 4 that I like and that's about all the IPA I'll drink unless I make it myself. And don't get me started on Pale Ales. It really disgusts me that there are so many IPAs masquerading as Pale Ales these days. I'm a little gunshy on trying new ones of those anymore either and that used to be the first thing I'd try from a brewery.

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Jan 2010
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I really, really adore a good IPA or IIPA, and I'm lucky that there are some fine commercial examples in the midwest.

That being said, I consider myself a well rounded beer enthusiast. I love Belgium beers, I love hefes and saisons, and I'm a huge fan of malty English ales. I used to not be a real lager fan, but bocks are growing on me.

I like beer!
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I love beers but tend to go BIG.

My favs are: over the top IPA's, imperial stouts, Schlafly Kolsch.........(I know, I know, but that Kolsch is FREAKISHLY good)

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Aug 2005
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Hey, it's a big tent. Personally, I struggle to enjoy a Stout of Porter and even my taste for Lager has waned as I've come to appreciate Pale Ales in all their forms. But I know enough people who have exactly the opposite tastes as I do. It's not like joining a team - "Te gustibus non disputandum" or something like that.
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If it's beer, i love it.! But, I hope you all know that you are "preachin' to the choir" here. The vast majority of American beer lovers prefer BMC. We as beer drinkers, are in a miniscule tiny minority. It doesn't matter that you may think of yourselves as "beer snobs" or not, facts are facts and cannot be ignored. It takes time and a lot of beer to "educate" the tastes of a lot of people. The fact is, IPA is a slowly aquired taste. I love 'em but most don't....

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I love IPAs. I didn't like them at first, but they grew on me and now they are one of my favorite styles. I tend to go through phases on what style is my favorite.
Ontap: Hard Cider
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Originally Posted by Dude View Post
Wow, what is up with you guys? One doesn't like scottish ales, and another doesn't like IPAs?

IPA is one of my favorite styles. I am absolutely fascinated by hops.

The story alone on how IPA came about makes me appreciate it even more.
I agree. I love any beer that has a story and can appreciate how it came to be.

Personally I love the flavor of IPA's and went to buy a sixer of Torpedo even though I had 3 full kegs ready to drink! I love hops. But I can also appreciate a beer with almost no hops. But I really can see why you or anyone else doesn't like hops. I understand. It is unbalanced and overwhelming. But I drink a very maltly beer and I just dont get it. I think thats what attracted me to craft beers in the first place, was very hoppy beers. I just loved them. And still do.
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Jul 2009
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my 2 favorite beers are torpedo extra ipa and ranger ipa. got a glass of sierra pale ale clone sitting in front of me right now
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Originally Posted by GilaMinumBeer View Post
And there are the bitterness balanced extremely hoppy flavored and fragrant IPA's...I find exquisite.
I agree with this completely. I am not shy when it comes to bitterness alone, per se. However, an artful balance of flavor, aroma, bitterness when it comes to the use of hops is divine, and quite specifically why IPA is my absolute favorite style. Full stop!

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May 2010
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I love a good hop bomb for sure. At the brew fest I went to recently I specifically sought out all the IPA's. Some were good, some not so much, some were amazing. Exactly like any other style.

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