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Originally Posted by carnevoodoo View Post
And thanks... obviously my palate isn't the only thing which needs correcting.
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I like IPAs okay. Not my favorite style and not something I often brew. In fact the last one I made was only for a friends wedding and that was only because it's his favorite style.

I think on the whole they're overdone as a style. IPAs are like .... everyone has one.

I think for really interesting beers with great flavor and complexity, Belgian style ales are the way to go.

In fact my friends IPA was mashed a little low with a Belgian centric grain bill and fermented high on Abbey Ale yeast.
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Originally Posted by Airborneguy View Post
And thanks... obviously my palate isn't the only thing which needs correcting.
Airborneguy, no need to apologize (tongue in cheek recognized). That fact that you've enjoyed beer the world over is proof that you enjoy beer wherever it's from - regardless of the style. Cheers!
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Originally Posted by munche View Post
I'm curious what beers people mean when they say "typical American IPA"

I'm spoiled, Cali has the best IPA in the world (Yep, I said it), and I've had some pretty asstastic examples from some of the "big" brewers in other states. But it's hard not to love a Green Flash West Coast IPA, Ballast Point Sculpin (gold medal at the world beer cup iirc), Lagunitas IPA or Pliny
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whenever i gave someone a glass of my ipa i had to explain why it didnt taste like bud light. i mostly make the comparison to hot sauce. its not something u can take or leave. you either hate it and can only have it when its hidden in the recipe. or the people who would pour a bottle on everything they ate if they could afford it. other people who hate it think it just hides everything else when the hot sauce lover says it enhances everything else. or those crazy few who have the "everything else" just so they can have the hot sauce.

sometimes the bite of hops can be so bad its almost painful and will not let u taste a god damn thing you have after that(stone ruination), but sometimes thats just really enjoyable for some reason. its like why do people like the burn of hot sauce when for the most part it doesn't have much taste. i have no idea cuz im no psychology major but i can figure out that the two seem to be connected in some way.

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Originally Posted by krisagon View Post
25 ounces? what batch volume?

My SWMBO loves the beers that taste like biting into a grapefruit peel, she would likely love it!
5 gallon. Also 5 oz dry hopping as we speak, but I didn't want to say 30 oz when 5 didn't contribute to the IBU's.

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Originally Posted by Airborneguy View Post
But do you understand my point? The quote I commented on was "I almost guarantee you will transition..."

No, I won't. I have been drinking quality craft beer all over the world (as opposed to FROM all over the world), for almost 15 years now, and HATE most IPA's.

So when someone treats non-IPA drinkers as if they merely haven't been enlightened yet, I quite frankly take it as an insult.
I wouldn't take offense to it. A lot of us DID transition into IPAs so we tend to assume it is an acquired taste, and also assume that some other people may follow that same trend. That said, there are plenty of people like yourself who never do get into IPAs, which is also fine.

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There are two sides to this.

There are the extremely overbittered IPA's with IBU's at or over 100. Which I find rediculous.

And there are the bitterness balanced extremely hoppy flavored and fragrant IPA's.
The latter I find exquisite.

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I think a lot of people are turned off to the extreme bitterness present in some IPA's. Some of my favorite IPA's aren't all that bitter, but have plenty of hop flavor and aroma, which is the reason I love drinking them.
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I never really liked bitter IPAs until I discovered the unique effect high amounts of non-volatized hop oils have on the character of the buzz.

Not my everyday beer - but every so often I like to just melt in my chair. That's when I seek out an Imperial IPA.

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