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Feb 2008
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I can't find info anywhere on this? I have both Heineken and corona bottles that don't have the screened on label but they have the clear plastic sticky as hell label and no amount of soaking helps.

any ideas on how to get these labels off or are they just a total loss?


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Jul 2007
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what kind of capper do you have? you need an adjustable bench capper to cap heineken bottles. as for the labels, give them a soak in starsan solution for like a day. there is thread somewhere about removing corona, stone, sol, ect. labels. its really wierd how the paint jumps off the bottle.

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soak overnight in star san.
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This was my last, futile attempt:

Never, ever, ever again.
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How to get anything off:

Give me an O-X-Y C-L-E-A-N!
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I recently had success with these toughies. I am drinking brewed-in-Australia Heineken so hopefully it is applicable to all bottles internationally.

- Soak for 30 mins in hot water. (This is optional but seems to help a tad.)
- Peel label off by hand. Peel one edge back until you can rip it off quick like a bandaid as it seems to leave much less residue.
- Use a cleaning agent to wet the surface of the bottle. I used a homemade baking-soda and vinegar based spray.
- Using a metal scourer / steel wool and scrub the crap out of it til all the adhesive is dislodged. Don't worry, it won't scratch the glass.
- In a bucket, using a soft cloth, wipe it down to remove any of the dislodged glue that is still lingering.

Process probably takes 2-3 minutes per bottle but does a good job. This is still a lot of effort, but I'm short on bottles for my first brew and have half a carton of Heinie left to drink, and I'm sure there are others out there in similar situations.

(Sorry for old bump, but couldn't find a solution on google so I thought I'd post to help anyone else looking)

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Oct 2012
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I usually soak them in warm water or just rip the label off (pick at a corner until you can grab it and pull). Then, I soak the bottles overnight in oxyclean and water. Try to keep the bottles upright to keep oxyclean out of them. After soaking, I just rub them down with a scouring pad to "wipe" the glue off. They come off clean, but it makes you appreciate paper labels that almost fall off without effort.

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