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you need to stop by the flying saucer
There's one in Memphis, which is about 1.5 hours away for me, and we finally made it there recently. Being used to BMC plus Sam Adams, though, I was frozen by indecision. Went with a flight and didn't realize I could have created my own flight until after I ordered. Darn.

I'll be back there.

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I go to Memphis every year and sometimes twice a year I love that Flying Saucer. Not only is the beer selection top notch (prices aren't bad either), but they have those garage door style walls that they open up on nice days. I have seriously had some of my best days sitting there in the sunshine drinking a nice IPA and looking out onto the city...*daydreams*

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The thing that ticks me off is when a liquor store employee will happily discuss and offer countless suggestions on wine, but when I ask "have you gotten any new IPAs lately" they give me this look of disdain as though I'm picking my nose. Hey, wine geeks, get off your high horses!
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Ya, the Flying Saucer in Ft. Worth is in an old firestation from the early 1900's, aside from being the best place to go drink in DFW, it's a really cool old building with a cool balcony and patio. But even there I have had problems, but I do think it was because we got a new waitress that didn't realize the amount of beer geeks (or beer knurd as the FS calls us) that go to the establishment.

And when will people realize that they don't have whatever I want, of course I live in a place where people frequently have the argument over which is the best beer, miller or bud. It's usually hopeless at restaurants here, and you just have to hope they have bottled sam adams or shiner on tap, because it ain't getting much better than that.

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Man, I'm so lucky...I have three liquor stores no more than a mile apart, each owned and run by beer geeks...Or at least people who try to have a good selection beyond bmc. In fact one of the owners of one of them asked, knowing that I brew ('cause I usually beg for boxes) asked me how to get into homebrewing.
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If you ever get to Belgium, you will never have this problem.
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Thats a little much to ask from someone who runs a cash register.

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I don't have any stores where the clerk is very knowledgeable, so I make it a point to ask them not to tip the bottles if I'm buying a bottle conditioned beer. Just ignore their strange look and be happy.

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Sure, if they listen. It's when they ignore me that I get frustrtated.
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Originally Posted by wild
I've had the same issues at our AJ's Fine Foods which is more of a high-end store. I've asked them not to disturb the sediment when they ring it up and they say "why, it's just beer".
Hey Wild;

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