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Given that it's a Porter and there is a hop shortage, a late addition might be a good idea. Other than that have at it. Nothing wrong with extract. One OBC member submitted two similar Belgians to Widmer for the Collaborator project, the extract one won a slot. Of course, Widmer's pilot system isn't set up for extract, so matching the flavor will be a bit of a challenge on a 40 barrel run.

[I like more caramel (up to 1.5 lbs) in my porters, but that's strictly a personal choice.]
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Originally Posted by PseudoChef
I would still consider a later extract addition with at least half of the extract. You're still going to get your color, but you will have better utilization of the hops as someone pointed out. Also, it will avoid excess carmelization of the extract which could lead to some off flavors.
Better hop utilizations -- That answers my question above. And I think I understand why APenejo was concerned about bitterness; Late addition method = better bittering hop utilization = a bit more bitter = may not be a good thing for a porter.

I learned something today!

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Originally Posted by Soulive
Quick question - I don't remember the steeping process too well but what can I use to steep? I don't have any grain/hop bags on hand. Can I use cheesecloth?
I would just put the crushed specialty grain right in the water. Use a colander and cheese cloth to strain it out. This way you are sure to extract most of the flavor and coloring you are after.

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Answered before I could get around to it.
I learned the hard way by ruining an extract nut brown ale and a best bitter on the same day doing a late malt addition. The 60 min bittering hops, EKG I believe, that should have blended into the beer completely overpowered the malt and the fuggles aroma additions. The finished products ended not so good. like someone had dosed each glass with a bit of quinine. Probably could have cut back 1/2 to 2/3 on the bittering hops.
I think the late addition is to keep light colored beers their proper color.
I always use extra pale extract anyway, careful not to scortch the pot and have never had any issues with the liquid extract darkening.

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With just a pound and a half you might be able to get away with just a kitchen strainer. I forgot the haute cuisine name for it. A fine mesh hand held strainer.

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Originally Posted by the_bird
Well, if you're already got the LME on hand anyway.....


Brew on, my friend...

Sactly What That Guy Said.
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Originally Posted by Poindexter
With just a pound and a half you might be able to get away with just a kitchen strainer. I forgot the haute cuisine name for it. A fine mesh hand held strainer.
Colander? Sieve?

To actually contribute, I agree with pretty much everyone here, brew the beer! Especially since you know that recipe will be good and you already have all the ingredients. On the other hand you might lose some points with the AG nazi elitists

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I forgot about this. Things went smoothly yesterday. I actually only used one burner. No problems but I missed my precious, superior AG brewing

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Originally Posted by Soulive
I agree when it comes to price but I already have this LME on hand. I bought it a few months ago for this kind of situation. As you said, darker beers are more successful with extract so thats why I went with Porter. Plus I'm thinking the brown sugar and Notthingham will dry it out some...
The only beer I made with extract + steeping grains that DIDN'T have the skank extract taste was a Porter. I say go for it!

EDIT - glad it worked out.

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