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I do the same as Kai and El Pistolero along with a seven-foot pour. When doing partial boils, pouring two gallons of cold clean water from seven feet before adding the wort. I don't know if its overkill but it really seems to do the job.

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I know I'm a naive newbie but I've been simply holding the carboy in my lap and shaking vigorously for a time. It seems to work.
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A tube with a few small (1/16) holes in it, inline while siponing from the kettle to the primary will aerate it very nicely.
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Jan 2006
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Originally Posted by rflach1
i'm new to this wonderful hobby but i have become quickly addicted. my question is in regards to how everybody aerates the wort before pitching the yeast. so far i've tried to just shake the primary fermentor(not very easy with 5 gal of liquid in it) and i used my autosyphon to "pump" air into the wort. any opinions?

I use a sanitized wire whisk (like for making whipped cream?) works great!

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i make my little brother pick up the carboy, with his hand dipped in iodophor first, and shake the living hell out of the wort... it's good to have a brewing partner sometimes

i would like to get a stone with the o2 bottle, but i'm only budgeted for ingredients atm, so we are sorta primative.
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Originally Posted by rflach1
... used my autosyphon to "pump" air into the wort. any opinions?
I stumbled upon this method and it works very well for me. Just this week I took an old racking cane and fashioned an aerator screen at the bottom to disperse the bubbles - thought it might help.

I was at a local brewpub on a brewery tour and the brewmaster said they use an O2 stone. I just can't bring myself to buy one! I figure if it ain't broke...

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Jan 2006
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So far I've done 3 batches. An Irish Stout, American Wheat, and a heavy Belgian dubbel. All I do is shake the carboy for about 7 to 10 minutes. Hasn't failed yet. I did use a yeast starter on the Belian and it was the quickest to start fermenting.

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I just brewed a batch today. First time to use a carboy as primary. To aeriate, I stuck a straightened paper clip under the hose where it slipped over the racking cane. Made nice fine bubbles get sucked in, without losing the syphon. It was bubbling first time I looked, about 15 minutes. Been an hour and a half, once a minute now. But then, I use dry yeast, with a starter- today I used honey. I'm making a mild dark rye, as usual.
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I have a wine de-gass whip that I attach to my drill, seems to work fine.

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I go fishing for divers. When I have caught one, I first let her/him swim around a bit in sanitizing solution before I transfer to primary (this works best with a bucket, as a carboy's neck may be too narrow for legally caught divers) and unplug her/his oxygen tank with a sanitized boathook. Instant aeration ensues both from the O2 released and the thrashing. When racking to secondary, I make sure that the diver is left in the primary along with the rest of the trub.

If they ain't bitin', I tend to go with the splashing method.

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