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I still brew 5gal extract batches and am doing a new one that requires 5.5lbs of LME. I have two cans of muntons and together they weigh 6.6lbs so I need to weight out an amount for the recipe. As well, if I get some bulk hops in the future I would like to be able to weight them out for recipes as well.

What do ya'll use for this purpose? Is there a certain type of scale that is more accurate for this?

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I use a little mini-scale... does up to 6lbs in either ounces or grams. Apparently 1 gram or 1/10th ounce accurate.

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I received a digital scale for Christmas and I love the thing. It has a nice wide range so I can weigh everything from hops to the grains for a batch.

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I got a little digital scale at linens'n'things that does 0-5lb with 0.1oz resolution. I think I paid about $30 for it when I got it. Works great for everything from hops to grain.

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I use a digital scale with similar accuracy to the aforementioned ones for anything less than 5 lbs (the scale's limit). For bulk items (i.e., base grain for a 15 gallon batch), I use a digital bathroom scale, accurate to 1/2 lb.
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Ditto above, except bought mine at Wal-Mart. Mine has a "tare" function (I have no idea if this is unique to my scale or not) that basically allows you to set a bowl on the scale, press the "tare" button, and it calibrates including the weight of the bowl. So, when measuring hops, dme, etc... out I can pour them from the plastic bag into the bowl without having to subtract the weight of the bowl from the measurement... kinda handy.
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I have this one. Got it from Amazon. Works great!
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I use a $15 (digital) scale from a head shop. Only goes up to 1 lb, so weighing my base grain is time consuming, but it's got good resolution for specialty grains, hops, and more. And yes, it has a tare function./

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Thanks for all the great input guys! Glad I posted this as that "tare" function seems like it would be a huge help. I wouldnt have know what it was if I didnt post here!

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I bought a used digital laboratory scale off eBay, it weighs up to 3 kg with 0.1 g resolution, has a tare function and is very accurate. I checked it with a calibration weight from the lab where I work.

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