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Originally Posted by david_42
Should you ever get to San Fransisco, hit "The Stinking Rose" near Fisherman's Wharf. Start the meal with garlic bread. A pan of garlic cloves in olive oil, just tender enough to spread on the bread.

I've been here and the food is amazing! I actually organized a sales meeting dinner at the Stinking Rose and we all had to live in our garlic smell for the whole meeting the next morning, but no one complained about dinner!

In our house garlic goes in everything we cook. We will have to try to grow garlic this year... I've got just the spot!

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Originally Posted by mr_stimey
Garlic is essential in 90% of my cooking! I am obsessed.
+1 I love garlic in pretty much everything especially using garlic,olive oil and soy sauce for Crust Flavoring on my homemade pizza.

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Originally Posted by Melana
We will have to try to grow garlic this year... I've got just the spot!
It's not hard at all to grow. Just mulch it heavily with straw to keep the moisture levels consistent in the soil and you'll be in business. It goes into the ground before you get a freeze/winter so remember that in you plans.
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Yea I hate it. I can tolerate a little of it and will even use some in cooking but less is more for me.

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Garlic cloves fried in bacon grease. Delicious.

I don't grow garlic (I live in a flat-no garden area available), but I use at least a bit in most dishes I cook.
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I made a stirfry last night with chicken, bok choy, snow peas, spring onions, and shiitake. The sauce was made of chicken stock, Vietnamese fish sauce, brown sugar, water, cornstarch, lime juice, 9 dried peppers, and a ton of fresh pressed garlic. I'm not sure how much garlic as I didn't measure it after pressing, but it was probably about 3-4 tablespoons. I mixed crushed peanut in after it was cooked.

It was pretty good... got leftovers from it for lunch today.
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Garlic press!!One of the top 5 inventions ever.

A budy once asked me what I put into my incredible burgers that he loves so much. I got ot "tons of garlic" and he looked horrified.

"What?", I asked.
"IT makes your breath smell bad!" he whined.

I just looked at him like he was criminally stupid for saying such a thing. He shrunk a little and finally stammered that the burgers are pretty damn good.
If you can smell garlic breath on someone, you need to eat more garlic yourself.

I would grow it, but then I'd have to cut back on my pepper plants..........

It is cheap and readilly available at the store, Dorset Nagas, Trinidad Scorpions and 7 pot's are not.
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Feb 2008
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In terms of wine, I think Shiraz or Gewurstraminer would go well with garlicky dishes. Couldn't say for beer.

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Originally Posted by jeff967
here in louisanna, garlic gos in allmost everything
I love a huge bulb of garlic from a crawfish boil. Damn, I could eat that everyday.

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Originally Posted by zoebisch01
At first I was like "What the heck am I going to do with it all!?!". Until I tasted the Hardneck varieties, and that was an amazing turning point in my understanding of the usefulness of Garlic. The flavor is so much better than the Softneck imo, (which a lot of it is grown in China btw). So I expanded my crop this year.
I'm with ya. I don't grow my own garlic, though I probably should. I do anxiously await the arrival of garlic at the farmer's market so I can get the hardneck varieties instead of the crap at the grocery store. It makes a world of difference.

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