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So while brewing at a friends last Sunday, I broke my hydrometer (dropped it on the floor...smooth move). I've been unable to make it to my LHBS (which isn't so local--45 minutes away) and didn't think one from online would come in time. I need to bottle a stout tomorrow that's been fermenting since December 29 so I can use that carboy to rack my friends beer (a Hoegaarden clone) on Sunday. My question: do you think it's done? I know that when I racked the beer on January 2 and took a reading, it was 1.026. The target gravity for the recipe was 1.017-1.018. My O.G. was a little higher than the recipe. So, it's been sitting fermenting in the secondary for 25 days, is it ready to bottle?

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DeRoux's Broux
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yea, i'd bottle it if it was me. if it's an imperial stout, then i'd let it ride a bit longer. another month or so.
DeRoux's Broux

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Could you use a floating thermometer as a hydrometer? Check it in another homebrew- let it go flat first. Then compare float level in degrees between the 2 brews? It won't be exact, but could compare between the two.

But then 3 weeks in secondary shoulda done it....
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What's the airlock been doing? Any visible activity?
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