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The Happy Mug
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OH MY GOD, a homebrewer on this forum within driving distance of me. (I'm in Thornton)

You joined september? Man, I never noticed.
Allergy Warning: This post was made by a person who may be nuts

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I haven't used the safale, but I've used the Nottingham a few times, and it's reliable. Cooper's dry yeast I would put on the line against darn near anything. That stuff is so fast and aggressive it's just silly. We've had fermentations done to within a degree or two of completion within 30 hours. Like, pitch a handful of cooper's, and then come back the next day and rack it kind of thing.

I am currently trying out Morgan's dry lager yeast. It got going in about 24 hours, and then bubbled up pretty good. It has been in primary at 14 C for about 2 weeks now, and bubbling in the airlock is slowing quite a bit. Time will tell how the beer tastes, which of course is the final tally we all care about. As a comparison, my beer is ahead of Cheyco's lager, which started about a week ahead, and he used a Wyeast smack.

One of the things you need to think of is that yeast really grows quickly (exponentially) until it reaches a certain point. So whether you pitch a lot or a little, after a few hours, you have a lot. Just my $.02
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McCall St. Brewer
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Right after Christmas when I went to buy stuff for a new batch, the store was out of Wyeast, so they sold me a pack of Safale US56. I made an amber ale with it. It seemed to work well. I just bottled it a week ago, so we'll see how it turns out, but at least for now I am very happy with how it worked.

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Dry yeast is definately good yeast. The only down side is many times you will not get the same results twice. At least that has been my experience with Nottingham and other dry yeasts. The Safale 56 is a good, high quality yeast, and is about the most consistant of all dry yeasts, and will give a clean flavor almost every time. Its a good yeast to have as a back up in case you run out of yeast or have a starter that fails to start. I believe it will do the job of WYeast 1056 and WLP001 easily.
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I just got 5 packs of the dried 1056 and plan to do some experimenting.
I am going to brew a pilsner recipe with it and compare it to the recipe brewed with lager yeast. Next up is a semi-sweet vanilla mead then a wheat braggot. After that an american IPA.
I've used Safale-04 in an imperial stout and was very happy with the results.
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