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You're gonna hold it up the whole time while it drains and while you sparge? I suppose you could use like 4 large spring clips over the edge.
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Marbles are WAY easier to clean than rocks. i like the grain bag idea too. This is pretty cool stuff.
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I mash for 1 gallon all grain batches in a small beverage cooler. I've used muslin bags in the past and I can say from experience that it's a royal pain. It's damn near impossible to vorlauf until the wort's clear because the mash get's stuck over and over and every time you stir it to get the mash unstuck you upset the grain bed. That said, I'm not using a dip tube, just the spigot on the cooler.

Last week I picked up a vegetable steaming basket (like this one) @ Goodwill for $2. It fits perfect inside my little cooler. And the legs keep it high enough that I can still use the spigot on the cooler with out any dip-tubes or other modification. I plan on trying it out this week.

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Originally Posted by CrookedChris
Last week I picked up a vegetable steaming basket (like URL=""]the one[/url]) @ Goodwill for $2. It fits perfect inside my little cooler. And the legs keep it high enough that I can still use the spigot on the cooler with out any dip-tubes or other modification. I plan on trying it out this week.
This is what I would do...I know The Pol used a SS vegetable steamer in a 5gal Gott cooler so it should work for a smaller cooler...

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Good point, other Chris, I've assumed that thus far, we've been talking about nylon fine mesh grain bags. If they're too coarse or especially if they're muslin instead of nylon, you may experience issues with flour seeping through, poor vorlauf, etc. YMMV.

Off topic, I used my hop thingy last night for the first time, and I can attest that the Paint Strainer bags from Home Despot are really quite nice (for hops).... I was very pleased. So those bags could be an experiment for someone too.

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I've actually thought about this "rock" thing myself. Then again maybe I'm nuts. For cheap and easy batch sparging the braid cannot be beat!!!!

If you are lookig to do away w/ the hardware (valves, nipples etc.) you could do what I have done.

If your cooler has a spigot...obtain a piece of tubing 3-4' long that is 1/16" diameter greater than the spigot hole. Take a small slice w/ a utility knife 2-3" lengthwise out of the end of the tube so the end will fold or roll in on itself. Compress the cut end of the tube so you can jam it through the hole. You will probably be able to start it through, but will need pliers to grab it from the inside of the cooler and pull it clear.
Trim the end...slide braid over tube and clamp w/ hose clamp. No valve needed, clamp or attach the tube to the top of the cooler during the mash and lower into the kettle to sparge. I screwed a 1/2" metal binder clip w/ a ss screw to the top of the cooler to clamp the tube during the mash.

If the cooler has no spigot...just drill a hole 1/16 larger than the hose and pull her through.

easy peasy


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I dont know, With my Exp in Laying Water Main and Sewer pipe Rocks were the best water TRAP it just seems to me it would give you a stuck sparge but im probably wrong, But I do know rocks are a natural water trap.

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My guess is to use rocks that are generally all the same size (such as marbles). If you had a good gradation of rock sizes, you'd increase the chance of a stuck sparge.
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