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Oct 2007
Northern NJ, USA
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What do people think of sam adams? I think that they make good beer- but I sort of dislike thier angle. I mean- they subcontract all if not most of thier work (I read- I can't say I did the homework- I know that they have at least One brewery in Boston...I think) But then they advertise like they are a bunch of modest, righteous and superdedicated people who just hapen to work for this huge company.
I am certainly being picky and uptight- but I don't believe that they are being true to the angle that they pitch. I still buy the stuff- most often on draft- and I dont have anything but compliments for most of thier actual beers. But I also will pick most any micro brew over Sam Adams when given the chance. Not that they are a micro- at this point- I believe that they must be a craft brewery.

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Ooompa Loompa
Dec 2007
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I've had around 5 SA brews, and the only one that I actually kind of liked was their cherry wheat (well I loved Utopia too, if you want to count that, but I don't think it really counts). I think they are over hyped, and their beer is highly over rated. Of course that's just my opinion.

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Mar 2007
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I have yet to have a Sam Adams beer I enjoy.

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Apr 2007
Huntington Beach
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I like the Boston Lager, not the rest. I won't bring it home but it seems to be what I most often drink at a bar.
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Nov 2005
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Originally Posted by Ryanh1801
I have yet to have a Sam Adams beer I enjoy.

Mediocre beer pitched as if they invented it.

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Beer Dude in the Sunset
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May 2007
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I like the Boston Lager, too. If I am at a restaurant, like Red Lobster, I will order Sam Adam's instead of a BMC. I thought the SA Cherry Wheat was disgusting. I bought the SA Summer Sampler last spring (when I was trying to acquire bottles) and it had two of those in it. I thought they tasted like carbed cough syrup.

I have been brewing alot and have not bought any beer since July, except for at a bar or restaurant. I just drink my own stuff.

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Mar 2007
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I admire Sam Adams and the BBC. Sure, there are many better beers out there, but they have effectively introduced good beer to a very wide audience. The Boston Lager in particular is approachable enough for a BMC drinker-but tasty enough for me to order. This helps bridge the gap and in the long run, it introduces more and more people to craft beers.

In terms of subbing out the brewing-sure this is true, but this happens all over the place-even with much smaller breweries. Moerlein is a Cincinnati based brand-but it is brewed in PA. The Barrelhouse-a local 2-man brewery brews other beers besides their own as well. It comes down to what pays the bills and gets the beer brewed. The former Hudepohl-Schoenling brewery now brews Sam Adams..I love the fact that what was once an dormant regional brewery (a casualty of BMC domination), is now filling the whole neighborhood with the sweet smell of beer.

So while I wouldn't call SA the best out there-it is solid beer-and their success shows that more people are becoming more discerning. Plus-their bottles are great.

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Jul 2007
Albany, Oregon
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There's a guy in Portland, Ore., named Sam Adams who is running for mayor. Recently he made headlines when he got served a cease-and-desist order for operating his campaign Web site, which was something like "" The Sam Adams Brewing Co. legal department was being fairly obnoxious about it, wanting money and signatures on scary sounding legal documents and prattling about "our brand value," until Sam slipped a copy of the letter to the newspaper. I thought this was a monumentally cheesy move, and I heartily hope that whatever legal uebermensch sent that letter out is now flipping burgers down the street.

Having said that, I approve of Sam Adams -- you can buy one of their beers anywhere in the country and know that it won't suck. You're right, their marketing department is a bit over the top, but hey, that's marketing, a field I'm really grateful to not be in ... also rather grateful to my uncle, an attorney who urged me not to get into that business as well.
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Nov 2007
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I absolutley love there boston Lager, it is my fav beer and I feel that is the most perfect lager to drink, That said The Cherry wheat made me gag I thought someone slipped me the red liquid nyquil. As far as the company itself I feel that they do alot and have done a lot for this hobby and they all look like they love and have fun doing what there doing and I really have not found anything about there advertising I have disliked and I have really never seen any signs of beer snobery, I love what there doing over there! Also I think they have a brewery in Cinci OH

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Nov 2007
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I'm really not sure why it gets so much hate on these forums, but I have to say that Sam Adams is arguably one of the best Domestic brands out there. I love to try new beers, and I'm always up for a new experience, but the BBC consistently comes out with beers that more than meet my expectations. IMO The brand gives American brewers and beer drinkers something to be proud of. Not to mention their support for the home brewing community.

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