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Since we appear to be heading for a 9-9-9 dopplebock brew, how about a commercial sampling by anyone who cares to join in?

I suggest we go to our favorite brew store and see what they have, sample a few, take some notes and report back. This would be with an eye towards the recipe design we are working at in the 9-9-9 thread.

Who is in? I am. I will go to the store tomorrow!
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Professor Frink
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I just hit up the beer store yesterday, but next time I'm over there I'll definitely look for one.
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Old 02-14-2008, 04:47 PM   #4
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I picked up some Optimator last night, just cuz it was there. Is this thing still on?

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I've got some Celebrator in the cellar...
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I have a Celebrator open, with Salvator and Optimator waiting in the fridge. I will participate in the sixer of the week thing coming up, but I did want to try a few of these one at a time.

The Celebrator I really like. If we end up with a near clone it is OK with me. The closest comparison in my tasting experience is start with a RIS but use a lager yeast to ditch a little esteriness so you get something a little maltier. And a little lighter in color, but not a lot. I hope those of us who can't lager could make some room in the fridge for a fermenter and use Anchor Steam yeast?

Celebrator USA home page is here:

Profoundly dark, rich elixir with a complex fruitiness of roasted malt and whole hop flowers. Semi-dry finish.

Pastries and desserts, roast goose, cured ham, smoked duck, wild turkey, filet with Dijon sauce, chanterelles, Tournedos Rossini, Châteaubriand. Enjoy with a fine cigar after dinner. Serve in stemmed tumbler at 50°.
I am not sure about the "complex fruitiness" bit. Compared to a single bock maybe (I dunno), but compared to a USA barleywine (I do know) the Celebrator is nowhere near fruity.

If I stretch these out I can do Celebrator (done), then Optimator, Celebrator, Salvator, Celebrator, 888RIS, and get the RIS 21 days after bottling.

Paulaner Salvator:

I really liked the Paulaner extra dry Pilsner and I really like the Salvator too. Much lighter than the Celebrator, almost red like a Smithwicks, really good head, plenty of malt on the front end, almost nothing for esters from the yeast, and actual hop bitterness in the finish. Good stuff. I sampled this one at 55°. I'll be sure to grab the next Celebrator at 50° even as suggested.

Spaten Optimator

A malty treat. Very tired after a long day. I am looking forward to a sixer of this one to develop a fuller opinion.

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