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Does anyone have any suggestions or know of any how to's on cleaning Kegs?

I have just bought 4 Pepsi Corny kegs and want to replace the seals and clean them. Not sure how to clean the dip tube either? Do I need to take it out?

Also anyone know a good place to get seals?



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Did you search the forum at all? I bet there's at least 5 threads on this...

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Clean with hot water and PBW or oxyclean

This should answer your other questions
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Kwanesum Chinook Illahee
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Google is your friend...

and on and on. I'm sure there is something in the wiki too, I would think.

Yes, tubes come out, and should be cleaned/soaked. Use the same cleaner you use for the rest of your equipment. I clean once or twice, then fill the keg with warm water and add some baking soad and let sit over night. All the small parts I put into a glass with baking soda to soak. This should help take away the soda smells/flavors.

To be safe you should probably also replace all the O-Rings.

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Oct 2007
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yep I searched, must have enter wrong key words!!!!


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Other than the large o-rings, you can pick up the small o-rings at Lowe’s in the plumbing department. Dirt cheap too. Your LHBS should carry the large ones.

Get yourself a closed socket wrench for those posts. The first time, you may need to knock the wrench with a hammer to break loose the gummed up sugars. I remove and clean my liquid (out) tube between every batch.

Get yourself some keg lube for the large o-ring and the external post rings. It makes all the difference. If you can’t get keg lube easily, use food grad mineral oil (grocery store).

I use 1 tsp of Oxyclean along with a tsp of bleach and a drop of Dawn. Give it a good blast with hot water…swish it around and clean what I can reach with a sponge and do a hot rinse.

Then upside down in a large bucket to drip dry.

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Do they all have the same size posts or are they mismatched?

Some are 7/8" and others 3/4". They also use different poppets.

I have both kinds and are willing to trade if you need/have/want to.

Iin the end it's beneficial to standardize your posts to one type so all you need is one type of poppet.
HB Bill

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Aug 2007
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Maybe a little overkill but a good instruction

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Jan 2008
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I use bleach when cleaning/sanitizing my glass and plastic pieces, but never in my stainless. Bleach creates micro pockets in stainless and repeated use will create lots of nooks and crannies for "bugs" to live. I wash my kegs as soon as they go empty so that things don't get too sticky.

I use about 3 gallons of HOT water with just a touch of dish soap. Then I shake the keg like I've got a real bad case of Parkinson's. I also set it down upside down for a few minutes.
To get the dip tube clean, I simply attach my picnic tap and dispense the soapy water through it. This cleans my keg and picnic tap at the same time. To push all of the water out, I have an air-in connector with a short piece of tubing attached that I then connect to a bicycle pump (to save my CO2). To connect the pump to the tubing, I use an adapter that I picked up at WalMart. It is meant for inflating large things like mattresses and exercise balls.
I rinse the inverted keg as best I can with the sink sprayer, then twice refill with hot water, shake, and dispense as before.
Last is two gallons of One Step to sanitize. Again, shake and dispense.
I let my kegs drip dry in the shower. Once dry, I push some CO2 into the empty keg before putting it away for storage. Make sure to purge the atmospheric air through the relief valve. Now it is ready for more beer.

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You can also pick up the o-rings at
Item number 9452k172 - Dip Tube, 9452k23 - Post, 9452k218 - Lid. They sell the tube and post o-rings in 100 packs for under $2 a pack and the lid ones in 10 packs for just under $13 i think.

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