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Oct 2007
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So in light of things that go hand in hand with beer, I was curious if there were any other fellow disc golfer-brewers out there.

Personally its one of my favorite things to do on a nice day(when the snow and slush isnt coating the ground), aside from BBQing or fishing.

What are some of your favorite courses? Disc brands and styles? Beers to have on the course?

I drive with an Innova Champion Orc 174g or an Innova Pro Line Valkyrie 170g. I have other assorted mid ranges and putters.

Ive played a few Twin Cities courses, and every course in Rochester, MN. I have yet to venture to courses out of state.

My favorite brew to drink while playing is hands down Harp Lager.

Cant wait for spring to start throwing!

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Old 01-23-2008, 04:28 AM   #2
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Jul 2007
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I'm a disc chucker as well.

I actually played last week when it was 60 degrees. It was nice to get some winter throws in!

I'll be at the Bell's Pro Am this year as well!
As an Am.. And even then, im outskilled

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Professor Frink
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Sep 2006
San Diego, CA
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I haven't played in a while, but I plan on getting out on the course again soon. The course here at UNC-Chapel Hill is pretty awesome, I love bringing the dog out there to get some exercise while I'm playing.
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Old 01-23-2008, 04:49 AM   #4
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Sep 2006
Nashville, TN
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used to be, sold all my gear to get into brewing..

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Dec 2005
Asheboro, NC
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I just found out our city put in a course so I'm planning on giving it a try... Unfortunately it is in walking distance from my OLD house but still only a short drive. Just waiting for some better weather.
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Old 01-23-2008, 01:10 PM   #6
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Jun 2007
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I dabble a bit in Disc Golf. Delaware's State Parks have courses. The one by the beach has lots of dunes, but lots of trees as well. I just bought the Walmart pack of 3 discs... the putter, medium range and long range. I'm not all serious about it, so they work fine for me. I don't drink beer while doing it... not sure why, but I guess I look at it as exercise and tend to reserve beer drinking for evening relaxation. It's a bit cold here now for it, but come springtime, I'll be out there.

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Old 01-23-2008, 01:29 PM   #7
dilligas2u's Avatar
Jun 2007
Hanover PA
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Only course here is in a state park so no beer. So why play

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Apr 2007
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Originally Posted by mr_stimey
What are some of your favorite courses? Disc brands and styles? Beers to have on the course?

I drive with an Innova Champion Orc 174g or an Innova Pro Line Valkyrie 170g.

We have some really nice courses here in Lewisville/Carrollton (North Dallas) Good mix of long shots and hooks.

I use both of those for drivers as well. My bag is full of Innova.

Since there is no Alch on most of the courses around us, we fill up our canteens with Vodka Tonics.

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Old 01-23-2008, 04:42 PM   #9
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Sep 2007
Behind the zion curtain
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Oh yea, I folf.

SLC has some awesome disc golf courses in the summer. Mainly because a couple are at ski resorts, and you drive down a run. It actually gets hard to see where your disc goes sometimes . Hole 18 at Solitude is 1200+ft.

In town, I usually play Creekside park, though I don't like it nearly as much as the mountains or as my home course in Boise.

All my discs are innova, unless I find one that's something else. Tee-Birds, Beasts, Dragons, and Orcs
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Nov 2005
Newport News, VA
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I play a couple times a month usually 2 or 3 rounds when I go. But dont have as much time right now because were in the heat of Ultimate Frisbee season.

I go to all the local courses here in the upstate though there 4 or 5 within a reasonable distance. I also played a course in Augusta, SC/GA which is where they held the disc golf championships a few times.

Use an Innova Champion Orc for Driving and an Innova Star Rhyno for Putting.

I bring whatever I have in the fridge on that day, I might play sunday with some homebrew.
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