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Old 12-21-2007, 06:02 PM   #11
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This sounds like a great idea. I travel a lot for work and could potentially help people out in the evenings when I am on the road.

I agree 100% that this should be for supporting members only. Should we limit to only AG help, or open it up to other things, like PM or equipment set-up?
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Originally Posted by eriktlupus
the problem here is that the brewclub that was here dissappeared 5-10 years ago

i know of no other club locally
Well, if you are ever in Austin, drop me a line & we'll brew a batch!

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I would think the level of help is only restricted by the person offering it.

Does Yooper give private lessons?

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Originally Posted by GaryA
I would think the level of help is only restricted by the person offering it.

Does Yooper give private lessons?
Of course, I give private lessons!!! For the right people, I'll even wear my Yooper Unionsuit. Just pay the airfare, and I'm on my way!

I like the idea of all brewing help- not just AG. I mean if someone wants to go from no-boil John Bull to extract and steeping grains, a helping hand is definitely a plus! I sure could have used a pro here last night with my first time kegging. Leaking regulator, beer shooting up to the ceiling through the "Out" post, etc.
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Jul 2007
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I'm in the Northern Detroit area and would be glad to help somebody with Extract or Partial Mash or even talk them through a brew with beersmith.

Since I am currently un-employed. I have lots of free time!!!

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I'd be up for mentoring in my neck of the woods. I think this is a good idea for passing on info and teaching.
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Old 12-21-2007, 09:11 PM   #17
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I've run an all grain seminar here in NJ and I think it worked out well. I'm up for the idea of regional regular seminars.
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Old 12-22-2007, 01:27 AM   #18
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Originally Posted by GaryA
Guess I was thinking these would be a little more intimate, figuring that getting more then 3-4 peoples schedules to mesh is damn near impossible these days. Not to mention space to host more people then that.

I didn't see this being as large as beer exchanges or near as complicated.

That is why I suggested just putting something by the username that indicates you are willing to mentor, then putting in your signature what you are able to mentor. If you mentor and have your location listed that pretty much covers the region issue. If you have a brew day coming up and you are willing to mentor that day you could list you list it on the calendar and first come first serve limited to 'X' number of people. *shrug* didn't see it being a logistic nightmare.
Dunno. My brew schedule is erratic. Sometimes I brew weekly, other times I break off for 2-3 weeks between beers. It's a hassle to update the calendar.

What I propose is just a sticky thread in a regional area that says. "I am jezter6. I am willing to get together and help out in Northeast Maryland/Southeast PA. My level of experience is upper side of intermediate. I am able to mentor all grain brewing, extract brewing, AG equipment DIY. I am available almost every other weekend.

Then, a user in the region can PM me and ask for help on a 1-1 basis. Or they can watch out for a "Brew out Dec 2007" style thread and request to be invited. If someone PM's me and says they live 20 miles away and would like to watch an AG brew session, I would chat it up a little to make sure they aren't insane, and possibly invite them over to split a batch. I've done it with people on the forum before with success (shoutz out to 98EXL!).

I think you're over complicating it with trying to manage schedules and the like. That's up to people that get linked up to say "Hey, I'm available next weekend, but not Jan 4th weekend." If someone wants help, it should be up to them to pop in and say "I need a mentor near Wilmington, DE" at which point any of the mentors nearby might look in and see if it's close enough and then respond to the request. It's up to the requestor to ask for help, not the mentor to post his 'available office hours' and hope someone shows up to be mentored.

Old 12-24-2007, 02:54 PM   #19
Dec 2007
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I'm in Baltimore and would love to observe an AG brew in practice. I feel after a couple batches I've figured out extract brewing and would like a new challenge.
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What area of the city are you in? I've given up AG until the weather breaks for the winter as I've got a stash of 25+ gallons, but I know things are happening around the area. Check out the gatherings section for the MD Big Brew Day down at 98EXL's place as well. A bunch of us will be doing AG down there if we can get it set up.

If you've got the AG system already and just need help doing a batch, we can help with that too.

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