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Dec 2007
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So last night I was tossing and turning, for some reason I just couldn't get comfortable... now I have a sore back or the neck/back muscle and I'm trying to find ways to cope with it without popping anymore advil than I have to...

What are some suggestions for a sore muscle? hot shower? hot compress?

It's really killing me, esp when I try to turn my head to the right... I've been sitting here starring straight ahead and I know I can't do this all day.
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Oct 2007
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I hurt my neck in HS wrestling and blew it off. Then hurt it again about 12 yrs later and blew that off.

Through the years I would have "stiff necks" and periodic pain that I would also blow off. During the night my left hand would go numb and I developed numbness in my left index finget and thumb tips.

I stepped though a roof one day about 11 yrs ago and fell on my left side (shoulder). What should have been a routine get up-and-and-dust- off turned out that I squished a disk in my neck that was already bad.

Cervical disk fusion isn't something you want to go through. See an MD (not a chiropractor) and derrmine that you don't have something brewing there disk or nerve-wise.

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Dr Vorlauf
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Dec 2007
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Some people say that soaking in a Epsom salt bath helps.
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Hot or cold water will help. If your bath tub is large enough, fill it and soak.
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Oct 2006
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I strained an upper back muscle like three or four days ago and also ended up with the stiff neck / can't turn your head problem. I just took some Goody's headache powders and used a heating pad and it straightened itself out in a couple days. It was almost gone the second day but was still a little sore.
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