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Jan 2008
Poconos, PA
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So, now that I've bottled my first two batches, I have a question. How in the @#$!%#@ do clean my bottling tube, and how to clean the siphon hose? And how do I get these things dry?

In a lab, we never really cared about the cleanliness of hoses as they were typically used for vacuums or cooling water that never touched our reactions. But these hoses and thin tubes are used for food material, so I'm a little more concerned about cleanliness for re-use. Any good ideas here?

Also, do they make a racking tube that doesn't leak between bottles? Mine did and it was really annoying...

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Dr Vorlauf
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Dec 2007
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To clean I soak the tune and auto siphon ( taken apart ) on a solution of 4 gallons of H2O + 1 scoop of oxyclean. I then reassemble the autosiphon and attach the tube. I then siphon 4 gallons of the cleaning solution through the tube down then drain. I then siphon a bunch of clean water. Takes almost no effort.

I just let everything air dry.
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Oct 2006
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I pretty much follow Dr. Vorlauf's method. For some of the other hoses that get gunked up, I'll soak in bleach. I rinse with a bottle washer like this one.

For some of the other racking hoses that get caked on residue, wadding up a few small pieces of paper towel and using the bottle washer to push it through the lines 2-3 times will remove alot of the junk.
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Jun 2007
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I clean all racking equipment with hot water immediately after use, then dry. the tubing hangs like an upside down U for 12 hours to drip dry.

that's all I do. no issues.
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I have a short hose attached to my faucet. The tubing fits right into the hose and I run hot water through it.

There's no reason why you have anything built up inside the tubing. If you soak/hot water through it it'll dissolve the sugars right away.

If you are really concerned why not purchase a dip tube brush?
HB Bill

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Nov 2007
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I have been cleaning my tubes right after I finish and before I use them, and yet I was still getting some stains in the tube. I tend to use smaller tube, 1/4" ID then probably some of the others, but due to my water here I was getting Hard Water Stains inside my tube.

So I cleaned with vinegar and Bleach and still hardwater stains. So what I did to really clean my tubes ,was to use a piece of still leader to pull a nylon string with knots in it to fix the tube tightly and it was much cleaner.
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No auto siphon here. I use the good old racking cane and tubing into the bottling bucket, then tubing into the Bottling wand into the bottles. As far as cleaning them, I sipmply use hot water immidiately after bottling through asll the tubing, racking cane, and the bottling wand. (knocking on wood), I haven't had a problem in over 14 years of brewing.
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Beer Dude in the Sunset
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May 2007
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I was planning on bottling three batches late one night, and I noticed my racking hose had spots of mold in it from being put away wet. It was too late to go to the store, so I poured straight bleach in it and let it sit for 30 minutes.

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Jul 2007
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I just flush my hoses with hot water and a little star san. Seems to work well for me.

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Here's Lookin' Atcha!
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Rinse your cane and hosing immediately after using, and it's much easier to keep them clean.

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