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Originally Posted by sfrisby View Post
Never used camden tablets. I assume that is to kill the yeast from further eating? Instead of lemondade packs or kool aid, any thoughts on crystal light lemonade that is artifically sweetened?

Anyone look at the lemonade flavor of the Lorann Oils. Unilke others in its lineup, that one is NOT soluble in water. Any idea how that would result if it isn't soluble?
Campden tablets don't kill yeast. Well, they kill wild yeast and microbes but are amazingly tolerant of wine yeast and brewer's yeast, that's why winemakers use them. I'm not sure why people think campden tablets will kill yeast.

I'm not a fan of artificial sweeteners, but that should work. Any non-fermentable sweetener (truvia, lactose, etc) should work also.

I'd rather just make a cream ale and a pitcher of lemonade and mix them at the tap.
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I don't think that my dry Kool-ade version needed to be any sweeter, just constantly mixed so the lemon did not all sit at the bottom of the keg, so I would not worry about adding the artificial sweetener.

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great thread and thank you for all the great info, I was thinking about adding kool-aid to my batch but was hesitatant because I didnt want it messing with the yeast but since Ive read this Ill feel a lot more confident about it. I just made a lager and processed 4 pounds of limes. Im wondering what its gonna taste like.

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Now that summer is back I am going to dig up this thread. I tried adding crystal light to a keg and it was okay. Nice strong lemon flavor that lasted but the splenda tasted awful (I am extra sensitive to it). On my latest I tried to had some lemon soaked vodka and it added a tiny bit of lemon but nothing really noticeable. On my next attempt I was going to make a honey wheat with lager yeast and I plan to crash the yeast out with gelatin then rack to a keg. I will then add campden and add some lemonade. I know this will not kill the yeast but the tiny amount that I have in the keg should not be able to ferment out the lemonade. Thoughts?

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I'm very new to brewing (just brewed my second batch) and I have this batch of Cream Ale (a Brewer's Best kit) thats siting in my primary right now. I'm interested in possibily adding somethign else, like lemon, and I came across this thread. Do you have any suggestions on this? Can I add a few packets of lemonade straight into the batch before bottling? And what about some honey, will those flavors work with this type of beer? And I'm really concerned (possibily without reason) that I'll get too much carbonation if I add those in with the priming sugars..... Any thoughts?

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Originally Posted by Waboom!! View Post
Heres what I tried. I made a 5 gallon hefeweisen recipe but used Nottingham dry yeast instead for (cleanness) and added lemon zest to secondary (from 10 small organic lemons) and then bottled with 4 packets of lemonade Kool-Aid (just the dry mix, not mixed up with water) + 2/3 cup corn sugar. Its not exactly like the "Shandinator" but it was close and was really good!!
Kool-Aid, what an awesome Idea!

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You might want to add sorbate too. Wine makers "stabilize" with K meta (campden) and sorbate, then backsweeten with sugar/ flavored. The k meta stops the yeast from reproducing. Sounds good if your keggings.

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Good thread - Wife and I went to a micro brew fest in Parkville, MO last weekend and McCoy's public house was serving a ginger shandy. So, of course I want to try and brew it. McCoy's uses fresh lemon juice and juiced ginger. I can't keg, so I may go with the koolaid option and just secondary on some peeled ginger chunks. Here are is all the info I could find on McCoy's website:


McCoy’s version of a Shandy

This is a light, refreshing beer made with real Ginger and Lemonade which imparts an interesting citrusy-lemon aroma and ginger bite. Super Secret Recipe.


Pale 2-row malt
Munich malt

German Magnum
German Hallertaur
American Cascade

Other ingredients:
Fresh juiced Ginger
Fresh squeezed Lemon
Pure cane sugar

Original Gravity (OG): 11 Plato

My guess is that they are kegging, not bottling at all. They are probably killing off the yeast at the end, adding the juice and back-sweetening with the cane sugar. But, I am going to try some different techniques since I can't keg. Koolaid sounds like a good option. Maybe add some honey malt and lactose.

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For those that have tried kegging with the lemonade, I make a hard tea, and I will hook up the co2 to the out post and mix the contents of the keg with the CO2 as I carb it up. I have been happy with the results.

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In case anyone stumbles in here preparing for summer 2013, I thought I'd add this...
The lemon coriandor weiss kit from Midwest (which would be easy to clone) really made a nice "summery" beer. If you want stronger lemon I would not hesitate to 2x, 3x or even 4x their "zest of one medium lemon in the secondary" instructions. I followed their recipe and you had to concentrate on the thought to actually say you could taste lemon....but it was absolutely there. Don't fear the coriander either...it "works". Almost by accident a couple bottles found their way to my "let it age for 6-12 months" bin. About or 10 months after bottling this was a very different beer. Crystal clear and a little sour (almost belgian-y sour...imo). I really liked ti still but very different from the fresh beer. Any of the more experienced Weiss brewers who real this might be able to tell you what happened in the mean time! Last word...this is NOT a shandy, but it was a great summer beer and with more lemon might be just what some of you folks seem to be looking for.
Originally Posted by nutty_gnome View Post
Everyone has to walk their own path as a brewer. Each home brewer must consider time, cost, feasibility, and results of their efforts. If a homebrewer can strike a happy balance between those 4 aspects, then they are doing it right regardless of the brewing method.
Originally Posted by Revvy View Post

Noone should have to defend themselves about what they want to brew or justify it to anyone... This is supposed to be about having fun. In whatever form it takes.

Don't be a troll about it.

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