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Jan 2008
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hi guys, I been reading alot in this forum and found pitching in yeast at 90 deg is not good. I was following the directions on the wheat ale that was looking for a 90 deg temp for yeast to be added, any idea on how bad this batch is going to be, or problems??

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90 is not going to hurt the yeast so okay there. Get the temp down to the recommended fermentation temperature as soon as you can and it should be fine.
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Jan 2008
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its already into day 4, I noticed 12 hours later it was down to 74

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Professor Frink
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Like Nurmey said, pitching at 90 degrees isn't going to harm the yeast. However, if fermentation continues at that temp, you will get all kinds of bad off flavors.
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Why did you decide to pitch at 90 deg?
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I think what the recipe is saying is that be sure to pitch below 90. If u get above this or above 100 u risk killing the yeast. What is more importatnt is getting the temp to 70 as quicky as possible. U are better of getting it down to this and pitching the yeasty and than holding the temp.

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Benny Blanco
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I pitched my first beer at 89. At least you didn't wake up to find beer gushing all over your living room. Never again.

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What's the recipe? It might still be OK, particularly if you can condition it in a secondary for a couple of months (but that depends on the type of beer you brewed).

Expect some fruity esters and perhaps some hot alcohol or solvent-like notes. These tend to dissipate somewhat with time, especially in a darker, heavier brew.

Next time, if you recognize early that you pitched too warm, quickly get your bucket or carboy into a big rubbermaid container full of coolish water. There is a bit of lag before the yeast go into the cycle where the worst off flavours are produced.

Hope it turns out!

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Old 01-17-2008, 08:26 PM   #9
Oct 2007
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the 1st batch of beer I ever made I pitched the yeast when the temps where at 105 cause I read that if u didn't pitch the yeast right away you can risk contaminating the beer....lesson be learned I'll never do that again. On the plus side it did ferment but didn't make a very good extract wheat beer. Oh well you only learn by failing
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Jan 2008
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Did you pitch a starter culture or a non rehydrated dry culture? If it was dry it might not have even "woken up" and by the time it did it was possibly at a cooler temperature so all would probably be fine. You would not have killed your yeast at 90 degrees (they're pretty resilient) but if they ferment at a high temperature you get an extra set of off reactions occurring. 90 degrees is in the range of the beginnings of "heat shocking" a yeast cell and they need to change their metabolism while at higher temperatures to survive.

TLDR: It'll probably be fine in the long run. Just let it condition. Trust in the Yeast.

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