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I racked an Octoberfest into my secondary fermenter 2 days ago. I was having trouble keeping the trube out of the siphon, so I ended up with less beer in the carboy than I would like. There's probably an inch between the top of the beer and the "shoulder" of the carboy, where it starts tapering towards the neck. I originally thought it wouldn't be a big deal, since the fermentation would soon force out any oxygen. But, the fermentation seems to have stopped. I haven't seen any bubbles through the airlock, except some caused by disturbing the beer when I move the secondary.

Is it worth adding some boiled water and malt extract to top off the beer, or should I just not worry about it? I haven's used a secondary in the past, so I don't know whether or not to expect much fermentation to happen at this point. It think there are still some fermentables left in the wort. I used the SAF dry lager yeast and I have the carboy in my basement at about 58 degrees F. Should I maybe just try moving the beer upstairs for a day or so, where the temperature is more like 68 degrees?


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It'll be fine, no need to add anything else to it.
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I'd just leave it. Doesn't sound like you lost too awful much. RDWHAHB. And then another...
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When I rack to secondary, I usually don't see any activity in the airlock either. Really, it is a clearing stage, you'll only get a small amount of trub-nothing more than a coating on the bottom of the carboy.
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I usually dont see any activity in the airlock in secondary either - still there is some minor fermentation going on. There is still some yeast floating around having fun and doing their thing. Dont worry about the air your beer will be fine.

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