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You ever get around to that hard leamonade?

Which recipie did ya use and how did it turn out?

I'm getting ready to start stockpiling brews for the summer and was considering a coupe batches of hard leamonade BUT wanna know how yours turned out, if ya got to it, b4 I did anything.
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Greetings Pumbaa!
I did do Hard Lemonade (with Lime) - It's in my Sig as 'Ey Oop' (Hey Up) - A northern expression of exclaimation/surprise in England.
I named it that as a word play on '7 Up' and "Ey Oop! What's Caplan trying to get us to drink now?"
But anyway...
I did my own version using a little of both the recipes yourself and ScottT put forward - Apologies for using Metric, you can convert it to US Imperial easier (google). Here goes!

Ey Oop - Experimental 4.5 Ltr Recipe (1 UK Gallon)

6 Lemons juiced plus zest (I got 300ml of Juice)
3 Limes juiced plus zest (I got 100ml of Juice)
525Grams Sugar (I used sucrose - It's a lemonade not beer after all....)
Safale 04 Ale yeast
Yeast Nutrient
5 Litres of Water

Details - Zests and sugar thrown into a small brew bucket. Add 2 Litres of boiling water, stir to dissolve sugar, then add the juices. Top up with the other 3 litres of cold water. When cool enough add yeast and nutrient.
My O.G. 1041.
I gave it 8 days in primary then secondary (gravity had dropped to 1013) for 30 days! The airlock kept going nicely - it would with fully fermentable sugars so I wasn't concerned.
When it finished bubbling (F.G. 998) i added non fermentable sweetener (Canderel) by taste to counter-act the harsher Citric tones, a little corn sugar for carbonation and bottled it.
Critique - I tried one Last Sunday (2 weeks in bottle)
Taste - it's sharp - Next time I will use use more artificial sweetener to sweeten it when bottling if i do it this way - I'm no fan of artificial ways to sweeten things but I'll see.
It's a little harsh alcohol wise (2 weeks in bottle - what did i expect! ) - a little aging will help - three more weeks i reckon and i'll try another
Carbonation - Not much yet but I've stored it cold so i know It'll happen given time - it's with my beers that do carbonate well in time.

Thanks for your help Pumbaa I'll be doing another!

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