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bigger than most
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Originally Posted by Boston
I still call CDs "ALBUMS"
My kids are, like, WTF?
+1 my son always asks me what I'm talking about. Then I'll catch myself and say disc.
That'll be the next obsolete item.
What's your hobby Ray? Drinkin. Want a beer Buddy?

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Aug 2007
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8 tracks
bubble memory
main frame
terminal (computers)

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Bernie Brewer
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Green Stamps
Penny Candy
Returnable Bottles (you can still find some, but they are a dying breed)
I like to squeeze the nickle until the buffalo craps-mt rob

"Why don't we get drunk and screw?" Jimmy Buffett

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the ice man

the milkman

... actually a local creamery still makes a round, kind of a boutique service
You are looking at the hole in the doughnut and not the doughnut itself.
You primates are so predictable.

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Originally Posted by Bernie Brewer
Green Stamps
Berkshire Hathaway has owned "Blue Chip Trading Stamps" for years and years and years. As per Buffett's 2006 letter to shareholders, sales at that particular subsidiary have gone from $126 million in 1970, to $19.4M in 1980, to $1.5M in 1990... and last year clocked in at $25,920. No zeros omitted.

He also said, "When I was told that even certain brothels and mortuaries gave stamps to their patrons, I felt I had finally found a sure thing."
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Mar 2006
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i'm old at 34 i guess. i sub at the local high school. one day last week, kids were trying to figure out how to use a floppy disk- how do i put it in, these things have no memory, etc. another day they were talking to each other about cassette tapes in regards to a project about the 1990's- is it the same on both sides, how many songs will it store? my wife teaches at the high school, and she had to give a kid a ride home in her 1996 geo. the kid was amazed that she actually had to use a key to unlock the car door!

personally i still have an atari 2600 with about 100 games, a record player, a hand powered meat grinder, a toaster oven i use more than the microwave, and a 1983 vw rabbit gti with hand cranked windows and power nothing. i may be a freak of nature since i'm one of 10 people in the country who don't own a cellphone. i'm border line 21st century luddite.

there's my obsolete term- luddite. a person who shuns modern conviences and new technology, which break down often and are no better than what was used before the new item came onto the market to replace it.

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