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Jan 2008
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I just transfered a stout into a keg. temp is 35*. I hooked up the gas to the liquid side at about 16psi , I then shook the keg for about 1min and hit it with gas one more time and shook again. NOW my question is do I hook up the gas normally back to the gas side in? at a lower psi and then repeat 1st steps again tomorro?or leave it on the liquid side or just take the gas off completly? this is my first time kegging ,so I THANK ANYONE WITH INFO.

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Nov 2007
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My process is to cool to serving temp, set to 25 psi and shake vigorusly for about a minute then remove from gas and let it settle for 3 - 4 hours. Then i bleed the pressure from the keg and hook gas back up at normal serving pressure. Its been pretty good so far.
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Jan 2008
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I've always done it similar to Chello's method. Hook up the CO2, set it around 20, and shake for a minute with the gas ON. Let it sit for a while, so I can catch my breath, then shake it again, for another minute. As you shake it, you can hear the gas flowing into the keg. I would think that if you just charged it, turned the CO2 off, then shook it up, you wouldn't get much CO2 into the keg, and therefore a low carbonated brew. I guess if you were doing an ale, that might be OK. Then I would probably do it just the way Chello does it. IMO


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Jan 2008
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Going to keg another stout tomorrow. I will follow those methods this time, although the stout that I kegged yesterday seems good ,both taste and carbonation. I would like to hear about some more methods on this. I have 4 more stouts to keg in the next week . So just trying to get some more ideas.

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there are 2 ways to force carb. you're all talking about rapid force carbing.

the other method is to set it at your serving psi, and wait 10-14 days. just because you can carb in a few days, doesn't mean the beer isn't still green and in need of some aging beyond a 2-3 week secondary.
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I never use the shake method so I couldn't comment on what you've done so far. For me, I set the temp to 40 degrees and the regulator to serving pressure. I then leave it alone for a week. After 7 days it is good to go.
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My beer never gets to equilibrium carbonation in a week. It actually takes about 2-3 weeks. I think it's possible to have a "good enough" carb at one week, but the head subsides really quickly. I hook up at 30psi, shake and leave it connected overnight. The next day I purge and set to 12ish. This speeds me up to good carbonation in a week. That's just my experience.
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Jan 2008
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Iam going to try those methods with next ones i kegg this week. Thanks for the info , now i have some different ways to work with carbonating the next ones. I still would like to hear about some other methods that are out there.

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Professor Frink
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Sep 2006
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12 psi at 40 degrees for 2 weeks works pretty well for me.
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Dec 2007
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I have tried this method with good results:

Cool beer to around 40* (I think my kegerator jumps from 20* to 40* with the slightest adjustment so I play it safe and leave it around 40)

Hook up CO2 line to the IN on keg and crank it up to 30 psi.
Gently rock keg for a few minutes...
Every time I pass kegerator I repeat for a night. (usually average 4-5 sessions)
Next night - turn down psi to 20 repeat the rocking sessions.
Next night set it at dispensing psi (usually around 5-10 psi).

I have never heard of hooking CO2 to OUT... first...

That said...I currently have my latest keg sitting at 45* with 12 psi on it...gonna wait a week before lowering psi and dispensing.


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