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Nov 2007
Carmine, TX
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Has anyone tried this yeast for making a grain type alcohol? I'm thinking about fortifying beer, wine, or making cordials.


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Jul 2006
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That's distiller's yeast. We don't discuss distilling here.

If you were to attempt to make a non-distilled, neutral spirit, it would probably taste terrible.
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Feb 2006
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That stuff is for moonshine and hootch not beer

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I made a store bought Hazlenut Brandy liquer a long long time ago.

it was a 1 gallon batch, and you used pure glucose, then charcoal powder as finings, then the hazelnut flavor.

it didn't hit 20%, and it tasted like cappucino flavoring that started to ferment...

there are wine yeasts out there that'll hit 20%, but doing it with I just can't see it tasting good, even with aging. I'd probably go vinegar before it mellowed out enough to be enjoyable.

I do believe one can make liquers without breaking distillation laws, but I don't have the foggiest idea how, and I doubt you'll get the help here since its straddling the line of legality.
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Aug 2007
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you can make the base liquor without the intent of making moonshine or doesn't need to taste terrible and it isn't illegal, at least in canada i short, that yeast isn't as nasty as people on here say it is...

if you do make alcobase make sure you filter it multiple times through activated carbon to get rid of the byproducts of fermentation (if you don't it really will taste disgusting...)what your left with is perfect for blending with fruit or spices...if you can get good organic apples, make a puree and bottle the alcobase with the fruit...a very tasty, quite legal aperitif...

people on here make extremely big beers all the time, that yeast won't produce anything much stronger than those and theres no reason people should discriminate against it...of course distilling should be discouraged...
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Oct 2005
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I've used Turbo Yeast to dry out barley wines. If you wanted to use it to make cordials, I'd recommend making the ferment in three or four stages and keep the temperature around 65F.

And never ferment more than 5 gallons unless you have active cooling IN the fermenter. Just putting it in a refer won't work.
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DIY Brewing Company
Aug 2007
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Most states distilling is illegal unless you are just purifying your water.(chuckle chuckle) You need to at least triple distill this stuff and it will taste fine but any thing less and you will get some foul stuff.

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Originally Posted by beenjammin
if you do make alcobase make sure you filter it multiple times through activated carbon to get rid of the byproducts of fermentation (if you don't it really will taste disgusting...)
How does one carbon filter? Can you direct me to a website that explains it?

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Nov 2007
Carmine, TX
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Thanks for all of the help.

I have no plan to distill anything. We have made Kahlua using vodka, instant coffee and sugar. I have heard that the carbon filter in the water purifying pitchers can be used to filter cheap vodka, so that's what I plan on doing.

I guess if I ever want to put anything besides dilute sanitizer in my airlocks, I might use the alcohol I get from the high proof yest, but I'll probably stick t dilute sanitizer, or just plain water.

PS The web site in my first post shows another type of carbon filter. Also this link hows a few others:

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The best place to find this information is on a distilling forum.
Although you don't want to distill it is relevant to distilling and very little to do with making beer.
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