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Originally Posted by dpt222
Budbo, what exactly do you mean by this? I am not familiar with a wort wizard.
The Wort wizard creates negative pressure in the carboy sucking the wort through the CFC, Better Bottles will squeeze in under the pressure you have to lift the lip of the cap or loosen the stopper to equalize every now and again. It chills and aerates the wort in one step. I average well under an hour from flame out to pitching the yeast in the winter

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I dont think I could ever use those plastic water bottles, I just prefer good Ol glass. I have never broke one and I cannot scratch the glass from my brush. I did make and upgrade this year to a conical so I do not use the carboy as much now.
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I picked my 6.5 gallon Better Bottle up from the LHBS last weekend and it's a beautiful thing sitting there in my brew closet full of star san waiting patiently to be filled with a new batch this weekend. Got 4 ounces of Amarillo thawing in my cupboard just itching to impart their goodness.

I love my 6.5 gallon Minibrew conical and the fact that I have an endless supply of $10 glass carboys from the local water cooler distributer....but there's something about that BB.
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My opinion on pails Is well documented, but I'm stuck on glass, because of the sanitary reasons. IMO it's easier to sanitze for wort. Of course, I just got my wife a BB for her wine...

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Yep....I tell you what...
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I've never used a BB, but I'm all for glass:

I don't worry about scratching glass,

It's easy to get clean, and remove odors (ale pales are PITA to remove odors, not sure about BB's),

I don't like my carboy to flex when lifted (full),

I don't worry about what's in glass, because it can ALWAYS be cleaned,

It will last 10 lifetimes if taken care of,

It won't break down, or cloud if left in the sun,

It looks more professional/sanitary,

And I don't like plastics. I will by food products in a glass jar, over plastic every time. There's too many articles about all the chemicals that can be imparted into food from plastic containers.

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Originally Posted by Jesse17
And I don't like plastics. I will by food products in a glass jar, over plastic every time. There's too many articles about all the chemicals that can be imparted into food from plastic containers.
Yeah, especially when they are exposed to heat like hot water or microwaving. Ok, no one is going to microwave their BB, but fairly hot water is a possibility. Polyethylene terephthalate (PETE) can also give off acetaldehydes when it breaks down which is a chemical responsible for that oh-so-familiar hangover.

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I saw them in Ed's Apfelkjfs;ldkjfsjfsd;lkjdslkfjwein thread(pictured above) and investigated. Now my 2 old glass 'boys are strictly for the a-wein, or in retirement.

The spigot version is especially rocking.

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Old 02-16-2008, 02:31 AM   #28
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So it's settled, then. Plastic is better than glass, which is better than plastic.

Glad we cleared that up.

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So where is a good place to pick these up? My local shops are both listed on their web site and neither sells them.

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Originally Posted by homebrewer_99
I have over 20 glass carboys. I've never experienced a cracked or broken one yet. I also carry them in milk crates.
Good call! I will be putting my pyrex carboy in a milk crate tommorow. I'll wven wrap it in black canvas, to block light(I brew in the living room) and it would go far to hold shards in if I did drop it. At least I don't have to worry about thermal shock with this retired lab equipment. Any future carboys will ne 'family' or plastic.

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