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Eastside Brewer
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Well I have a little more to lose than most, (77lbs.), but It's okay because I have a good plan. Last year I did a diet called Fat Flush and I lost a lot of wieght, (15 lbs.) in 2 weeks, after leveling off for the next two weeks, I took another loss of 5 lbs. So after 6 weeks, I was down 20. The only problem is, I stopped the diet and put it all back on. So my plan this year is to go hard for 6 weeks, and then try and push through another 6 weeks to reach my ultimate goal. It is amazing how the weight falls off when you eat right and excercise, But I too will not give up beer completely! Hey your allowed one "Cheat" on the diet, Beer it is!!


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My doctor's goal is from 257 to about 187, so that's 70 lbs. We're pretty close, Eastside!

Realistically, I'd be happy with 220. Primary reasons for weight loss are failing knees/ankles and chronic obesity in my family. Also sleep apnea/respiratory sys is beginning to be a concern. I don't expect myself to ever pop under 200 again. I'm 6'1 and husky. I don't have a dainty bone structure.

The 20 lbs I want to lose this Spring is JUST so I look good at my wedding.


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bigger than most
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Originally Posted by blacklab
This little dude in my sig was #2 and resulted in about 20 lbs extra round the middle. Got back into homebrewing, too, which didn't help. Running always worked for me but now I've got a bum knee and was advised against it by my Dr.

Low carb + weights...we'll see what happens! I'm with most of you - I can do without food, but beer? No can do, professor.

that little dude in your sig is awesome. one of my favorite avatars on the board. nice job
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I'm in on this, too. I've gained so much weight lately I've got more chins than a Chinese phone book. I fasted for Tuesday and Wednesday and had a salad wiht grilled chicken tonight. I plan on keeping it around 800- 1200 cal/day. I know myself and I do better just denying myself than having 'just a little.' I was down to just around 200 3 years ago and was really looking good. Since then I've avoided the gym like, well, like a fat guy avoids the gym.

We're going to the Keys for our annual dive trip the weekend after the Super Bowl. Hope the water is warm, I don't want to have to grease up to get into the wetsuit. If I don't shed a few before getting there the Captains won't take me where I want to go cause they will figure I'm an accident waiting to happen. So I'm going to be playing it very tight till then, even behaving over the Super Bowl weekend. Hoping to drop 20 by then.

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Our IT department is having a contest for a total of $200. I just purchased a pair of roller blades to get to and from work with, that'll be 21 miles a day. I also have a few months of free gym to use. I'm working to lose 40-50 by 3/10. I know it's a lot but those two with a modified diet coupled with reduced HB intake might be a possibility.
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Up to no good....
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I'm on board here too... i'm up a few thanks to my love affair with beer (don't tell my DH!).
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I need to join all of you. 9 years ago I was 308 lbs and went mental...

No alcohol, NO fat, lots of exercise... lived on Apple, carrots, pretzels and grapefruit.

I did 100 sit ups, 100 push ups, 100 toe touches, and 10 minutes on a exercise bike every morning and every night. The fat MELTED off! I lost 75 lbs in 3 MONTHS, and another 35 lbs in the next 3 months. I am a big bloke and was gym fit at 198 lbs, with a bit of spare skin left over from the fat loss. I lost a bit of muscle mass as well with the weight, but I was happier being a bit smaller in the muscles area when the weight was gone.. a far cry from my college football days.

Then I moved to Australia, which should have been a good thing. LOTS of exercise (new wife!) biking to work every day, long days on the beach, etc.. However, Beer crept it's way back into my life, as did red wine, scotch, cheese, ice cream etc etc. I found I could eat whatever I wanted as long as I kept biking to and from work every day (20 miles). Then Biking got too hard, and I stopped doing that, and kept eating and drinking like I was still biking.

It has taken 9 years, but I am back up around 280 lbs. Trouble is, as the weight goes on, it accelerates, because the fatter you get, the less you even CONSIDER exercising eh?

And now I have just started home brewing... AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!

OK, I am getting back on the bike...
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Bulls Beers
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I lost 40 pounds last year. Since i've been homebrewing I put back on 9. That's only since September. I go to the gym everyday. It's those 1 or 3 beers a day that's doing it. I need to go back and only drink on the weekends.
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Ale's What Cures You!
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Well, good luck to all of you! I could stand to lose a few pounds myself because I've been drinking way too much beer every night! Now that I'm using kegs, it's just way to easy to have a little more.

I don't diet, though- but I can definitely add some more exercise and be even more careful about my food choices.

I think we can really be supportive of each other's plans- and kind of hold each other accountable.
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Who wants to start the HBT Weight Loss Group thread? Me? Ok...


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