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Old 01-14-2006, 07:44 PM   #1
Nov 2005
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Well, my wife (be she ever so tolerant) has definitely become an enabler. We stopped by the local health food store (I am now on a low salt diet) and they carry everything a cider maker could hope for (except maybe White Labs cider yeast) . . . but they do have organic juices in all flavors, extracts, concentrates, organic fruit, honey, sugars . . . they even have a bunch of PET bottles ranging from 2.2 liters to a two gallon with a spigot (for 18 bucks - still not sure if it would work . . . might be a challenge to clean and not sure how to get a gas lock on it).

Anyway, while roaming and waiting I picked up the ingredients for an apple, mango, passion fruit cider. I made up a gallon batch with 48 oz of apple juice, 24 ounces of mango, 24 ounces of passion fruit, one can of apple/mango/passion fruit Old Orchard concentrate, 12 oz. of blackberry honey and pitched a Nottingham yeast (I think, can't remember what I had on hand).

It is bubbling away like mad and smells wonderful. When it is done I will transfer it too secondary with a 1/3 lb. of lactose and perhaps a second can of concentrate (and some k-sorbate) if it isn't sweet enough. I will let you know how it turns out. My other batch is just a simple spiced cider (with some clove, cinnamon and nutmeg). It is a good thing I picked up another case of bottles.

If anyone wants a typed recipe for this AMP'ed cider I will be happy to post it.


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Old 01-14-2006, 08:35 PM   #2
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Oct 2005
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That's a huge amount of lactose. I'd recommend waiting until the fermentation is complete, including any extra concentrate, and then sweetening 1-2 oz. at a time.
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Nov 2005
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Yeah, that should have been up to a 1/3 lb of lactose. I will wait until it is done fermenting to transfer it to secondary and taste a sample first. It may not need much if any sweetening. I would rather not have to sweeten at all but I don't like really dry cider so I usually end up back sweetening.

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Old 02-21-2007, 01:01 PM   #4
Sep 2006
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sounds really nice, i always wondered why people dont make mixed fruit ciders..

could probly get some really amazin ones

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Old 06-19-2007, 05:26 AM   #5
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Mar 2007
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How did that turn out? I was in a brew pub in southern california close to were i live. i had there sampler of there main brews was great. was just down at more beer in Riverside, well this pub had 2 ciders on tap one was a pear cider and the other was this berry cider they called berry blast. It was so good thought the ladies would love it in my family. I wanted to try to make one like the berry cider they had.

the bartender showed me what she liked to do with the berry cider she mixed
1/2 berry cider with one of the house beers Jedremiah Red I think it was made for a cool drink. hope to find a recipe for the berry cider soon.

thx ==Wiz
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Old 06-19-2007, 06:22 AM   #6
Dec 2006
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Sounds like it is going to be good.. keep us updated.. Also the other good thing that health food stores usualy have is the organic apple juice that comes in its own 1 gal glass carboy.. you can make some ciders or meads and split it up.. history shows that yeasties love thems some apple juice..


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Jan 2010
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So what happened?
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