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Originally Posted by cubbies
Do not return it. If you haven't gotten into the world of smoking meat then you don't know what you are missing out on. What homebrew is too good beer, home smoking is to good barbecue.

Now, I must admit, I use the electric Brinkmann, and I am sure there are a large number of purists out there that would have me crucified for such an infraction. However, I have had no reason to change. I have been told on numerous occasions, by many different people that my pulled pork is the best they have ever had. And I also make some smoky spicy wings that would absolutely knock your socks off.

You do need to use the water pan to control the temp and yes you can put pretty much anything you want in there. I rarely use plain water. Dark beer, white wine, marinade...the list goes on and on. The one thing that I would recommend is that if you are smoking something for a really long time like a pork shoulder or a beef brisket, to add hot liquid. The liquid will most likely eventually evaporate and you will have to add more liquid...if you add it cold, it will temporarily cool off the smoker. To help keep the temp stable it helps if you preheat your liquid.

Seriously, take some time, do some research and smoke something this weekend. If you want to do something easy, go buy some chicken breasts, and a rub (you should really make your own rub, but for the sake of easiness...). Pat the chicken down with a paper towel and apply rub (you can add some sort of liquid to help adhere the rub if you like, but you shouldn't need to), and put it in the smoker at around 215 degrees. Smoke until internal temp is between 165-170 (this will take numerous hours) and remove. Let it rest for 15 minutes or so and devour.

The type of wood you use will make a difference. Use whatever you have. However, if it was me, and it was my chicken, I would probably go with half hickory and half of a fruit tree like apple or peach.

When you eat this you will see how much better even just a simple chicken breast is when smoked.
Thanks man. That was very informative.

I have the charcoal version and I was planning on smoking some ribs this weekend (with my own dry rub of course ) Perhaps I will throw some chicken breasts on as well just to get a feel for everything.

Also, I bought some hickory and apple wood yesterday so I'll try a combination of that for my first smoke off.

What I forget to mention to everybody was that the reason I got the smoker was because I'll be doing my first all grain batch this weekend. I was going to make some ribs on the grill for myself, a friend, and swmbo while mashing and whatnot but I figured - wait, I have almost 4 hours to kill...why don't I just do it right and get a smoker.

It should be quite an eventful day. Pics coming soon.

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I've been meaning to start a thread on these smokers for a while...

When researching these little water smokers, the only real downside I read was that they are hard to keep at the proper temperature. Figure that would probably render them pretty useless in the dead of winter. Let me know if that's an issue for you.
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It is okay in the winter with my electric Brinkmann. I used it the Sunday before New Years and it was roughly 20-25 degrees all day and I cant say that I had major heat loss. It is tougher if you use wood chips. Wood chips need to be added every hour at least IMO, and therefore you have to take the top off which is obviously going to cause heat loss. However, wood chunks can be bought (typically about the size of a tennis ball or so), and those will smoke for a good long while.

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Originally Posted by the_bird
I've been meaning to start a thread on these smokers for a while...

When researching these little water smokers, the only real downside I read was that they are hard to keep at the proper temperature. Figure that would probably render them pretty useless in the dead of winter. Let me know if that's an issue for you.
I've used my Weber in a minor blizzard with no real issues. I had to move it out of the direct gale force winds and fully open all the vents at the bottom to keep it at 225°, but other than that it was just like a normal smoking day. Once you get used to your smoker you will know how many vents to open and how far to get the temperature you want.

Be careful if you use natural lump charcoal. It will burn hotter and faster than briquettes, but isn't an issue if you watch it. There is also a lot of inconsistency between brands. Some will give off a horrible sulfur smelling smoke when they are first lit that will make your food taste like crap while others will be just fine. Personally I use natural lump for grilling and Kingsford for smoking.

Keep it and get to cooking those ribs dammit.

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Originally Posted by Sluggo
I've used my Weber in a minor blizzard with no real issues. .
Smoking at it's finest! I LOVE going out in the snow to my smoker and adding wood. I seriously do.
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Super dupper low tech version.


Not sure about the safety of galvanized steel and temp but thought it was at least interesting.

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i am thinking of trying this route fairly soon, http://www.bbqsource-forums.com/invb...081&#entry8081.

a red neck BGE.

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I started smoking with an electric brinkman. It worked pretty good in the cold as long as it wasnt windy. Had a bunch of smokers since then. They are like brewing equipment, I keep collecting more and more and passing the old ones down to friends or my parents.
That brinkman still made the best smoked cabbage I ever had, I almost consider getting one again just for that every summer.

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smoked cabbage
Now that sounds interesting. Disregarding the obvious and obligatory "you had to suck real hard because it was tough to keep lit" answer, how'd you smoke cabbage?

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This looks realy interesting.

Any comments?
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