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Bulls Beers
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Sep 2007
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Do you put them in the dishwasher or just use hot water?I have 2 levels of beer glasses, some guinness pint glasses that i put in the dishwasher and some nice German and Belgian glasses that i use a drop of dawn and wash with very hotwater by hand and let drip dry..What do you guys do?
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Ridge Runner
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Mar 2007
Florence, KY
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I (usually my wife) just put mine in the dishwasher. That being said detergents and rinsing agents are known head killers. Therefore my glasses always get a good cold water rinse and light scrubbing before pouring.

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Professor Frink
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Sep 2006
San Diego, CA
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My dishwasher works so poorly that I try to handwash and air dry as many of my pint glasses at possible. I've found that I get a much better pour that way.
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Apr 2007
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I just use water to rinse out right after drinking. No soap whatsoever.

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Dec 2006
Doylestown, PA
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I wash them with the rest of my dishes in the sink w/ dish soap then drip dry in a drying rack.

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May 2007
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There's a product called DBK that's been talked about on beeradvocate. They even had a link to a video linked. I tried to find a source for it here in Florida, but have been unsuccessful.

That being said, I handwash in hot water with very little soap and rinse the 'ell out of 'em with hot water.

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Sep 2006
Ontario, Canada
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I don't have a dishwasher so I just wash them the same as the rest of my dishes. I do rinse them much more than everything else however.
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Feb 2005
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I hand wash all my glasses and rinse with hot water.

I re-rinse in cold water prior to pouring beer into them. I do not dry them off either. The soap residue transfers from the towel to the glass.

Dishwasher detergents leave a coating on the glass that is not head friendly, like Cascade with its spot removing and quick drying properties.

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...My Junk is Ugly...
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Jan 2007
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Originally Posted by homebrewer_99
I hand wash all my glasses and rinse with hot water.
Same here...then drip dry upside down.

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Kevin Dean
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Jul 2007
Frederick, MD
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I rinse my glassess immediately after use also and just toss them back into the freezer. My wife, on the other hand, loads them into the dishwasher with everything else.

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