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Sep 2007
Corpus, Texas
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Should I brew this, after being on this forum for a few months now, I see this everywhere? Is it a must for the homebrewer?

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Mar 2007
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I'm back!!!

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Jun 2007
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Well, 2464 replies and 173,470 views to the Apfelwein thread say you should at least give it a shot

But seriously though, I love it. Some people find that it's not their thing ... but if you like a dry, crisp, refreshing beverage, then go for it!

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Jul 2007
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go buy a six pack of hard cider and see if you like it first

I made 5 gallons only to discover that I've got a lifetime supply of beautiful sparkly Apfelwein that tastes like ass and will likely never drink

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Jun 2006
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Originally Posted by Mutilated1
go buy a six pack of hard cider and see if you like it first

I made 5 gallons only to discover that I've got a lifetime supply of beautiful sparkly Apfelwein that tastes like ass and will likely never drink
Good advice. While I like it, it was not popular among my friends and family. Took me a LONG time to kill 5 gallons.
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Nov 2007
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dont' get too excited about it when you throw it in the carboy. mine has been fermenting strong for 4 weeks with no sign of slowing down. + apparently it takes some bottle time to mellow. 2 month project.

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Oct 2007
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Mine took over 6 weeks to clear, and I didn't bother bottling it off the primary until it had been in there over 8 weeks. Don't plan on doing this unless you have a spare 5 gal carboy sitting around that you can afford to have full for at least 4-6 weeks.

Aside from that, yes, you should do this. I like it alot. I bottled mine still, in 12oz bottles. It's a nice refresher served over ice for me, and the wife loves it on the rocks with a splash of lemon-lime soda. I'm waiting to do another batch until we're about halfway done with this one, but I don't think that'll be too long.

Apfelwein ain't cider, and don't plan on having a drink that's sweet. It's a wine, and it's dry like a white wine, which I love.

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Aug 2007
Urbana, IL
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I bought a couple 1 gallon jugs with airlock caps. That way I could do a small batch as a trial. I spent about $15 for everything (jug, cap, yeast, juice, dextrose). But I imagine that you could just do it in an empty carboy that you aren't using. I didn't have an available one. I took advantage of having two jugs, and made two slightly different recipes.

I plan on using the gear for other experiments.
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Aug 2007
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Mine has been a 4 weeks and a few days and I took a hydrometer sample last night, its nice and clear and was 996 and tasting pretty good. I chilled the sample and downed it right before bed, you can tell its got some kick to it. Nice warm feeling and tasted good. I am going to give it a week or two yet and add a pound of lactose for the SWMBO and keg and carb it.

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Jan 2007
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Come on guys another apflewien thread? Though let me say this stuff is great. Remember its WINE not apple juice. I think a lot of folks think its going to be sweet. And it really changes. Every week it gets milder.
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