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Apr 2014
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tonight I bottled my 4th batch (started brewing in January.). how long does it take others?
I bottle by myself. from boiling the priming sugar to capping the last bottle it took 2 hours. that time included drinking 3 pints as well.

I don't drink enough to keg (or invest in kegging equipment.) are there long time home brewers who still bottle? its a pain, but I'm happy once I finish.

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Mar 2014
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I Started with a Keg but after a Infection and a Bad fridge I just bottle, It takes longer but I don't think I will lose a whole batch. The keg tasted Great and was too darn convenient. I will Keg again but it will be a while. It takes me probably 4 hours but I am unorganized.

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Mar 2013
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I still bottle, and it usually takes me three hours if I work with clean bottles. That includes clean up.
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Nov 2010
ohmihachiman, Japan
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3 pints in two hours? That's keg level drinking!

Seriously, one hour. I'm organized.
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Black Island Brewer
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Sep 2011
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If I'm timing myself and trying to be efficient, I can bottle 5 gallons in 90 minutes including cleaning if my bottles are already clean and just need to be sanitized. When I use my bottles, I rinse or clean as needed as I go, so that I don't have to mess with it on bottling day. I put them upside down in the case so I know they are clean and to keep dust out.
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Sep 2013
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Im about two hours from the time I bring the fermenter into the kitchen until the time Im done with clean up and sitting on the couch. That includes sanitizing bottles but does not include designing, printing, or applying labels. I hate bottling BTW.
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Aug 2011
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I would say a couple of hours is normal. I keg now but the next brew is going into bottles. It is a coffee porter and my kegs are full. I also have a red IPA that will be kegged when one becomes available.

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Jun 2010
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2 hours from start to finish (usually). Including clean up.
The part I like the least is labeling. I create 1 1/2" X 2" labels in excel, twenty-one to a sheet and cut them to individual labels (mostly at work). So that time doesn't count. Then, I use two small pieces of scotch tape to hold them in place on the bottles. Thirty five bottles = 72 pieces of tape (one label goes in my log book). I usually have a beer or two to help the mindless time pass more quickly. Add an extra hour or so to the bottling time. Labeling doesn't usually happen for least another three weeks though.

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Jun 2014
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Only timed that I bottled was last weekend and that was an Oktoberfest. The nice wife helped me out. Bottles were pre-cleaned. I dipped them in Star-san and sat them on my bottle washer while she filled them. Then I would grab the full one and cap it. Took us about 40 minutes total from fermenter to bottle bucket to a big thank you for the help.

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Jan 2013
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I purchased the All In One Wine Pump, a vacuum pump originally to rack, degass, filter and bottle wine, it made all of those tasks so easy and fast, that I purchased the beer bottle attachment, I can bottle and cap a 5 gallon batch in under 15 mins, not to mention that I no longer have to lift heavy carboys to rack them, and I can filter if I need to.
Check it out at
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