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Jul 2014
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Hey everybody! Where are you brewing? How is the environment and the conditions of the place? Is it at the kitchen, in a separate room, at the garage? If you have any pic to share
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Sep 2011
Lakeway, Texas
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I brew in the kitchen. It's just too hot and humid in Texas to be outside, and then I worry about bugs.

I also LOVE the smell the house has for the rest of the day!

I've recently moved, and have found that the glass top stove just doesn't do as well as the old stove. We are considering some sort of plug in burner, but I'm not so sure we can get one that works on 120v to do what we need as I'm wanting to upgrade to a larger pot (mine's 5 gals now but want an 8 as I do 6 gal batches), and SWMBO cans. I'd be OK with a drop in heating element too.
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...tasting a beer at 1 week, and again at 2....that to me just means there 2 less beers that are actually tasting good and are ready at the end.
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Jan 2013
Dallas, Tx
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It depends on what I am brewing. If it's all grain then I do it outside because my stove can't boil that much water.

If I am doing an extract or small batch I will brew in the kitchen.

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May 2013
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In my basement. I'm batteling bugs every day. I wish I lived closer to the equator, since I love just relaxing in the hammock and playing with the dogs outside during the summer during brewday, which is only about three months here, I have a door going straight into our yard from the basement.

It's a pretty SWHBO free area, she occasionaly pokes her head out one of the windows from the second or third floor, and since she's a celiak the smell of a brewday reminds her of "GLUTEN, OMG!" and the door down to the basement is suddenly shut if I forgot to close it. I've asked her several times if she wants to join for a clarity ferm brew, and she says yes, but nothing happens

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Dec 2012
Augusta, Maine
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I brew outside, even in the winter. It takes more gas during the winter here in Maine, but I can still get a boil in my 15 gallon pot.

Most of the time I brew outside the basement door, under the deck. that way I'm in the shade in the summer, and not in three feet of snow in the winter. It's also a bit of a wind break there, and I can duck back in the house if I'm cold/hot.

My last few batches I have put my burner and pot on a pallet with a small piece of plywood, to get some more elevation. Otherwise I can only fill my last fermenter about half way. Other than that, my mash tun sits on a table in the basement, and I have my sparge/bottling bucket on a chair, on the table to give it enough elevation over the mash tun. I drain the wort from the mash tun into buckets or my 7 gallon pot, and dump them into the boil pot.

It's not a great set up, but it works for now.

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Jan 2012
, MA
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Originally Posted by SophieMC View Post
Hey everybody! Where are you brewing? How is the environment and the conditions of the place? Is it at the kitchen, in a separate room, at the garage? If you have any pic to share
I usually brew on my deck, except last weekend when I was chased down into the driveway by over 1000 bees who had apparently set up shop in my capped gutters.

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Jul 2014
, CT
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Here in CT I can pretty much brew outside year round. Unless it's really cold and snowy but I enjoy brewing outside. If I'm not outside I'm in the garage with the door open. The wife said no more kitchen after a few boil overs on the new stove. I all grain brew now and the kitchen is not big enough to accommodate the equipment. All my equipment is organized in the garage and my system can roll outside pretty easily so the driveway works pretty well.

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Feb 2011
IE, california
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I brew in the garage on a burner. burner just outside the door. I brewed once in the kitchen when I was brewing extract I didn't like it. If I tried to brew all grain in the kitchen now, my swmbo would not be pleased. In Corona ca the garage can get pretty hot during the summer but its a labor of love.

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Feb 2014
Portland, Oregon
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All grain, propane, in the basement, concrete floors for easy clean up, plenty of ventilation, all of my equipment and supplies are within arms reach, large utility sink for water supply and wash-up, no weather concerns. Thankfully, my wife likes the results.

th Cap'n in Portland, Oregon

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Oct 2007
Riverside, CA
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In the Kitchen!

All grain, all electric, and air conditioned. Since we don't have a garage (converted) or basement (California), it works out great. For now the brewery storage room is our third bedroom. I just wheel the brew cart out into the kitchen and it's ready to go. Let's hope my wife doesn't want another kid anytime soon. I may be looking for alternate storage.
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