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Dec 2007
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Okay, I only have one batch of beer going, and am impatient! I bought enough bottles to bottle my first batch, and another kit to start another batch, so I am anxious to bottle away! I started it last Saturday, so only six days have passed, and it went from .048 to .016. The recipe it should have been between 043-045 and end between 008-010. Is it okay to bottle now if I started higher than the recipe suggests?

Again, I am anxious to bottle this batch, and start my other one, and I really want to be able to pop open my first batch in a week with a friend (knowing it might not be fully carbonated but would be half way there at least).

Anyhow, what are the chances of a glass grenade if I bottle at 1.016 from 1.048?

Also, man it tastes great, which doesn't help me want to bottle it!!! It would be better with carbonation, but even better if it didn't explode in my closet after a week

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Sep 2007
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Bad idea. Take hydrometers three days in a row. When it stays the same for three days in a row, then you can bottle.

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Nov 2007
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Hell just drink it out of the bucket.

You aren't doing your brew justice by rushing it. If you plan on skipping the secondary at least give it 2 weeks in the primary, minimum.

I will follow this up by saying you can, but I wouldn't. Go buy some good micro and another bucket and let this brew have a bit more time.

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Jan 2005
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prolly won't explode if you bottle now, but as has been said, give it another week then bottle it. it's really three weeks minimum before you wanna start cracking open your beers.
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Dec 2007
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Impatience is a virtue, right? I'm going to try to just keep my mind off of it, and take another reading tomorrow night. If it isn't any lower, I'll bottle it.

Now, I think with my second batch I will have it sit in a secondary to help it clear and what not, but this first batch is just itching to get in a bottle and in my belly!

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Nov 2007
Champaign, IL, US
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Originally Posted by uglygoat
prolly won't explode if you bottle now, but as has been said, give it another week then bottle it. it's really three weeks minimum before you wanna start cracking open your beers.
+1 for waiting at LEAST 3 weeks to crack one open. I have been bottling a few smaller bottles to check the aging progress (so I don't have to open an entire 12oz bottle) and I couldn't believe how much the flavor changed from day 11 to day 24 in the bottles. It was substantially better and I was _very_ glad I waited it out.



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Old 12-15-2007, 01:19 AM   #7
May 2007
Belleville Mi
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What if a bottle explodes? Then the whole batch is at risk. Or what if the beer tastes good now is consumed before it had a chance to really produce its potential flavor and wonderful aroma. If it were me I wouldn't rush it. I'm very new at this and I feel the same way. But I am afraid of messing up so I try to follow the rules. The 1,2,3 rule is a simple estimate for beer. 1 week in the primary, 2 weeks in the secondary, 3 weeks minimum in the bottle to carbonate and condition. This has been working for me very well. Just my $.02

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Old 12-15-2007, 02:35 AM   #8
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Oct 2007
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I am thinking you should buy another fermenter.

The best way to get properly aged homebrew in your mug is to brew more than you drink, a tall order for most of us.

If you get another fermenter you can leave batch number one on the yeast another week _and_ brew another batch this weekend.

Lemme go find a link to the Jamil show.

EDIT: here ya go. just click on "Jamil's page" and listen up.

PS: Thanks for the link orfy, I don't remember what I was looking up when I ran across this little gem.

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Oct 2005
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So far, your attenuation is 66%, the recipe planned for 77%. You have about 8 points to ferment. Typical priming levels are 2-4 points. I'd wait.
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