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I have 4 gallons of my american wheat sitting in a keg its real mellow and too light for what I enjoy. I made it for a friend and they don't care for it.

I have 5 gallons of 8.25% abv Old Ale that I just kegged about 2 weeks ago.
I couldn't get the hops I wanted and had to used Northern & Goldings and now wish I had not used as much as I did.

I put 2/3 of the old ald and 1/3 of the American wheat in a glass and was suprised how it mellowed the beer, but still left a nice old ale taste.

Has anyone mixed beer into kegs?

I was going to take a clean keg and mix the two, or would I be better just mixing then in the glass when I pour?
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Feb 2007
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Once you figure the right ratio of the two beers, go ahead and mix them. Nothing wrong with that. Historically, many beers were blended. Porters were traditionally blended between old ("stale") beer and new beer. Belgian gueze is actually blended lambics of varied ages.

I will be doing a blend myself in the next couple of weeks to deal with some minor flavor balance problems.

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Blending is 100% acceptable. Hell, think of a classic black and tan! I mixed a smoked porter and an APA making B&Ts, and it was great. Hell, old-school porters were usually a mix of a three (or more, IIRC) beers - older stuff that was stale/soured, and fresher beers.

As to whether you mix in the keg or by the glass... if you don't care for the beers individually, do it in the keg, otherwise, I'd leave them individual and mix as you went, so that you effectively had three beers available instead of one.
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No, it's often recommended. Most commercial swill is a number of blended vats anyway.
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no! blend them as you see fit.
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Newcastle Brown Ale is a commercial blended beer. I think they do a parti-gyle mash/sparge, and then brew them separately, and then recombine afterwards to get the right final flavor.
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Blend away! I love it when I get to do weird and wonderful things at the taps.

However, I wouldn't blend both those beers completely together unless you need the space or a free corny. You never know if you want to adjust things again or blend one of those beers with something else.

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I blend in my tummy.

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I screwed up a batch of cider (never add brown sugar) and found that the easiest way to make it drinkable was to mix it with a brown mild. Made for a very good pint.
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I've been recommending blending for years...
HB Bill

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