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Originally Posted by Kaiser
I was incorrect here. The yeast gets 8-12 mg O2/l

with the number of 1 mg oil per 25*10^9 cells, that delboy found, a 12*P wort would need about 0.5 mg/l olive oil. Still much less than the O2 that was added.

I think the statement :

"The basic concept is that since yeast uses an oxygen atom to pull a hydrogen away from an 18 carbon chain unsaturated fatty acid to make a monounsaturated fatty acid chain to help it grow, you could simply provide an 18 carbon monounsaturated fatty acid and it would be able to use that."

Is an over simplification of Fatty acid synthesis, and fatty acid regulation during Aerobic vs' anaerobic growth conditions. By adding O2 you are allowing for the yeast to be more active, and one result of this state in desirable for brewing, the covertion of unsaturated fatty acid to monosaturated fatty acids. This has to do with Membrane fluidity, I assume.

So buy providing the yeast with monounsaturated fatty acids, they don't have to make them, and therefor don't need to be maintained in an aerobic state before going in to the anaerobic state needed for fermentation.

I guess an analogy is to give a man logs and a saw mill to build a house vs giving him the lumber.
And because every thing in the Cellular level happens on such a small scale (Nano - Pico - Femto : 10^-9, 10^-12, 10^-15) you just have to provide a small amount, to Circumvent the path way.

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conpewter, from what I recall, the idea was not to boil the oil, but to add the tiny drop (if I recall, they used a thin wire, dipped it in olive oil, and let one drop come off of THAT to measure it out) to the starter. Boiling the oil would likely destroy the very nutrients the yeast are after.

Oxygen is a medical gas. How do y'all get your O2 bottles? Where do you get them filled? Is the stuff from welding supply houses the same?

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Some of us have a medical reason to have O2 in the house. At the moment since I just was filled up today I have 200 lbs of liquid O2. Its easy in my case to use a little for fermenting. I don't recommend getting sick just to get the O2
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I use O2 to satisfy my addiction to burn things. It's a medical condition.

Or, they sell O2 welding bottles at Home Depot for a few bucks.
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Used in a setup like this.

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I will continue to shake my carboys. Not only does it aerate it gives me a little bit of a work out.

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Why not just put a drop of oil on a toothpick and swirl that around in your starter. The amount that would transfer off would likely be closer to trying to make a tiny drop.
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I tried this with my wit I brewed on Tuesday. I had the most active fermentation I've ever had, and it seems to already be done. Of course, that could just be a coincidence...but I used WB-06, so I don't think so. I used a micropipette to add 20μL to 5gal of beer.
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So here is my question:
These guys were brewing a belgian, no doubt with a yeast strain that normally makes alot of esters (like a 1214). what happens if you do this in a beer with a cleaner strain (1056 for example)? Do you get alot of wierd esters, or just a little more?
Also, does the oil provide a surface barrier to O2, say after transfer to the secondary.
interesting technique.

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Originally Posted by Nightbiker View Post
... (if I recall, they used a thin wire, dipped it in olive oil, and let one drop come off of THAT to measure it out) to the starter. ...
Your correct. In the BYO writeup awhile back they used the wire from twist-tie with the outer paper removed. i.e. a very thin wire.

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