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Dec 2007
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I drank my first batch of a nut brown I made, it turned out fine. The only problem is that the bottles had a thick sediment at the bottom of them. The beer was fine to drink if you poor it in a glass, however I was curious how I get rid of this stuff at the bottom of the bottles. I strained and filtered about four times, in -transfering from wort-->Ferm, Ferm--->Secondary, Secondary-->to bottling bucket, and then bottling bucket to bottles. If anyone can help let me know.

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Oct 2007
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Thats the beauty of homebrew, bottle conditioning. The yeast carbs up the beer after bottling and leaves a bit of sediment.

Unless you have a filtering system and dont carb in the bottles I think that sediment is inevetable.

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You would need a kegging system.
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Leave it in the bottle by pouring carefully. The next easiest path is to keg, force carb it, then bottle from there.
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Oct 2006
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The sediment at the bottom is the yeast that is in your bottle. It is necessary for it to be there in order for your beer to carbonate in the bottle. I am assuming that this is what you did at this point. It's part of the natural process of bottle carbonating, in fact many commercial beers do this too. The best way to avoid it in your glass is to go ahead and leave just a bit of beer in the bottle when you pour. However, many people like the yeast and drink it anyway, and for some styles, it is appropriate to dump the yeast in your glass.

I don't think you should be overly concerned with trying to strain out the yeast during your transitioning from container to container, just make sure you are not picking up too much crud.

Later on as you get more sophisticated, you could use a real beer filter to filter out some of the yeast, but you would need to be kegging/force carbonate in order to get your beer carbonated.

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Oct 2007
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+1 on kegging too.

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Sep 2007
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Youll learn to love the yeast and the vitamins they contain. I have heard the vitamins help prevent hangovers.
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How long are you keeping it in the fermenter and secondary? I get very little sediment in my bottles because it's in the carboys for a total of 4 or 5 weeks before bottling. I also use Irish moss in my batches so it's pretty clear before it even goes to the secondary.

Just a thought but time and Irish moss might help you get some of the sediment out of your bottles. You're never going to get it all but hopefully a reduction will have you feeling better about it.
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Nov 2006
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Never filtered. Just rack from Primary to Secondary and leave the trub behind. Rack again into another barrel for bulk priming. Then bottle.

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Mar 2007
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"The only problem is that the bottles had a thick sediment at the bottom of them."

Thick? I get far less than I used to because I usually rack off to a secondary. But don't think I would ever have used the phrase "thick." A light powder dusting would be more appropriate. If you getting much more than that, I would love to hear the input here.
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