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Jun 2007
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Hello All,

Hoping that someone has some advise for me on an easy way to remove the old labels from Sam Adams/Sierra Nevada bottles.

I just started botteling this past weekend, and the $13.00 bucks that they charge for a case of new bottles at my LHBS is too much.

I've got a high pressure bottle cleaner for the inside, just hoping that some folks might share their experience with the best ways of removing the old labels.

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Mar 2007
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Soak them in Oxyclean. The labels will practically slide off after a while...

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May 2007
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I have found that soaking in hot water and OxyClean for an hour or two will remove even the most stubborn labels.

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Oct 2006
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Make that 3 of us - Oxyclean and hot water for an hour or so.

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Old 12-11-2007, 06:17 PM   #5
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Sep 2007
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I've been saving my Sammy and Sierra bottles as well. For commercial and self applied (Avery) labels, I soak them in one step solution and scotch brite sponge them off. Usually the commercial labels peel off pretty easy, but leave behind the glue residue and the sponge comes in handy. I then reclean them like normal bottles.

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Aug 2007
West Virginia
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I have a few cases worth of SA bottles that I use, along with a few cases worth of various micros. The trick for me was hot water and Oxy-Clean Free. Most of the labels started floating after about 30-45 minutes. Most of the glue is gone within an hour. Out of about 6-7 cases that I have cleaned this way, only a handful of bottles needed a scrub with the 3M greenie pad to get the last little bit of glue off. I generally mix 4-5 gallons of hot water with about 1.5 scoops of Oxy-Clean Free.

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Jan 2006
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Soak in Oxyclean and then use green scrubby pad to remove residual glue. Blast insides with brass carboy sprayer thingy

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Dec 2007
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I just tell people hey while you are drinking my beer take the label off the bottle then I scrub the glue off as needed.

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Jan 2007
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One thing I found about residual glue.

Try as I might with hot, soapy, bleachy water. The glue just wanted to come off and then rebroadcast itself right back onto the bottle.

One night I had a few bottles in my sink that had some residual glue on them and I was in a hurry to clear my sink. I removed the bottles, used cold water and a scrubby, and the labels crumbled up and rolled right off, without re-sticking somewhere else on the bottle.

Once the glue has deteriorated after a hot soak…use cold water to scrub it off.

Kind of like the old method of using an ice cube to get gum off of clothing.

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Nov 2006
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I used to just put my bottles in a garbage pail that had bleach in it. What a lot of work! With Oxyclean, the majority of labels just literally FALL off. The real tuffies, you may have to scrub lightly. It is soooo worth it. Trust us!
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