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I think that bond between the nitrogen and oxygen is not strong in a nitrous oxide molecule. Nitrous is used as an oxidizer. I think for beer it would stale the beer faster then CO2. That's my 2 cents. - Dirk
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Originally Posted by Mutilated1
A friend of mine is a dentist. I'm going to ask her whats involved in getting a 20 gallon tank of that stuff. I'll get back to you when I got an answer.
I do tech support for dentists. I believe the answer you are looking for is "DEA Certification".

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Originally Posted by sause
I think they use it in whipped cream because it can be compressed very well. The reason for the small bubbles is mostly the nossle it comes out of. I don't know how well it actually disolves into a liquid since I don't really consider whipped cream a liquid but go for it. BTW don't try to use anything that isn't considered medical grade. It's like those stupid punks who try to get high from the N2O that they installed in there car and black out since it's not the stuff that doctors use.
Quick correction. The dopes that pass out on Nox is because they inhale it straight while doctors carefully meter it with an oxygen mix. I've seen the same dopes pass out on medical grade Nox (one even did the Nestle splash onto a glass coffee table. Fun stuff.
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According to the adds showing on this page between my post and BobbyM's #23 above, there are three URLs that might be useful, plus their is another add for Moonshineddvddotcom. I wonder if there is a spider of some kind deciding which adds to display? I guess it is sorta self evident.

BTW, automotive N2O is "supposed" to have sulfur smell in it. Really up to the wholesaler delivering tanks to the speed shop. The wholesaler "might" save a few pennies per tank if they occasionally "forget" to add the sulfur smell. Not that I would ever run N2O in a car that already makes 375hp crank, OHNOZ !!eleven!one

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