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Feb 2007
Austin, TX
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So the unthinkable happend; my bosses bosses boss found out i'm a homebrewer. He wanted to start "beer fridays" and well tracked me down and asked me to head it up. I said yes, but i'm not 100% where to start.

What do yall think would be the best beer for everyone to enjoy on a friday afternoon at work?
How many batches do you think i should make for a company of about 130ish people, (you can assume not everyone'll be there)?

any other advice brewing for alot of people?

Cheers! (i need advice quick i want to have my first friday the 25th so i need to brew tonight!)

JJ Asghar
Austin, TX
please excuse the spellign mistaks

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Jan 2007
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ed's haus pale ale works great

you''ll have to keg it though
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Reverend JC
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Holy crap, is that even possible? 20 days? You need a low gravity mild. like a 3.8% deal that will ferment out in 5 days and then you have 2 weeks for carbing and conditioning. Or maybe a german wheat. those are best drank fresh.
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May 2007
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First off I want to move and work with you... I remember the days when my bosses would buy beer for us on Fridays. But with all the laws and crack-down on drinking and driving they no longer do it.

If I was you I would not get into this. Not sure but I think that if something was to happen after of during drinking your beer you "could" be held responsible in a round-about way.

But to answer your question I would brew a brown ale and a pale. Both are light and sweet not to hoppy and most BMC drinkers will like them if they try it.
As for amounts you will need to be brewing at least 10 gallons a week to keep up if you have any good drinkers in there.

But like I said, I would not do this.

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Its nice when you and your friends have comparable equipment.
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some people will tap anything that has a hole.
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Apr 2006
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Work up a budget now.

Of course you need a dedicated tapping system in the office.
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May 2006
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I'm assuming he means January 25th (kinda mean to make everyone work on Christmas, even if there is beer served ).

Probably what, two kegs? Pale ale, Ed's or something similar, then maybe something a bit maltier (maybe a brown or a porter). I might be inclined to always have one "core" crowd-pleaser batch, then bring something else that's a little more experimental in the other keg.

The best news? Your boss can't yell at you for surfing HBT at work anymore!
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Oct 2005
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Along with "beer Fridays" and a keg of decent HB, why not do a mass brew session, and get a few more people hooked on this addiction? Kinda like show and tell. "This is how I made this beer and you can too."
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Aug 2007
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2 kegs = 10 gallons = 80 pints.

Not enough for 130 people, in my opinion

More like 4 kegs, or 20 gallons.

Which means if you do this more than 5 times a year, then you will be making more beer than federal exemptions allow, and might grab the attention of the wrong people.

We have margarita fridays almost every week where I work, and I sometimes bring in half a gallon to a gallon to share with some folks, but there is no way I would agree to regularly cater a 130 person party without going through the process of paying taxes on that beer.

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Dirty blonde
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Jan 2005
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Tell your bosses, bosses boss that you need a beer scuplture. And they're pricey enough where they can depreciate it over 5 years. Then you can brew for 130 peeps.

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May 2007
Cary, NC
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Wait a minute...are you sure he expects you to brew beer for everyone in the company? I'd confirm that before you do anything else.

I'd ask about bringing commercial beer, maybe from a local microbrew or brewpub.

If he does expect you to brew for this event, then the company should provide a budget, like olllllo said. you should be allowed to brew on company time, too.

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