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May 2007
Lansing, Michigan
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I'm doing Ed's Haus Pale on Friday, and will be using Danstar Nottingham dry yeast. Yeast is fresh and well within the expiration date on the package.

I'm inclined to pitch the dry yeast to the wort as Ed states. My brewing partner is a bit leery, as he said he's had bad experiences with slow/poor fermentation pitching dry yeast.

Opinions and comments, please. Thanks as always.

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Dec 2006
Sierra Vista
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Used Nottingham's a lot. I have never need to rehydrate or anything. Just dump the yeast. Give it a swirl or not. You'll be fine. I get fantastic ferms off just dumping and letting the yeast do their thing!


(Note) to add I just did Ed's pale last weekend. I used a different yeast for mine, but I just sprinkle and go. Worked fine for me as always.

(also to add if your friend is getting poor ferms using dry yeast he might need to look at his oxygenating methods.
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Jun 2007
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generally speaking, it never hurts to rehydrate yeast first, so long as sanitization is maintained.
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Apr 2007
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Follow the rehydration instructions on the package, it is pretty easy to do. I just boil some water and let it cool down to the appropriate temperature while aerating my wort. While ptithing without rehydration will work you will significantly reduce the number of viable yeast and run the risk of underpitching. The higher the gravity of your wort the fewer viable cells will remain. The reason for this is that the dried yeast cell membranes are not able to control what solutes (sugar) and ions can cross their membranes which either kills them outright or severely injures them. Once rehydrated they can pick and choose what comes in and what goes out.


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Nov 2006
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Nottingham still ferments out like a champ, even if you just toss it in dry.

I've never rehydrated a packet of Nottingham, but you certainly could do so if you wanted to.
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Mar 2007
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The only difference I've noticed with hydrating vs not, is the lagtimes. When I rehydrate my lagtimes are about half the time if I don't. Other than that, my attenuation is the same. Since I'm well beyond the period of freaking out about lagtimes, I'm mostly concerned with solid attenuation. I've been satisfied every time so far...

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Aug 2006
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I usually rehydrate because as soulive has mentioned, you lose quite a bit of cells in the initial pitch if you don't hydrate first. If you're doing a mid-grav beer and aerate well, it won't affect your bottom line. However, bigger beers and slightly under-oxygenated beers are going to make good use of every living yeast cell (which you can maximize by rehydrating). It takes an extra 5 minutes of work.
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May 2007
Lansing, Michigan
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Thanks for all the responses.

I'm going to aerate my wort a bit and pitch with dry yeast.

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Old 12-08-2007, 05:12 PM   #9
May 2007
Lansing, Michigan
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Turn out I activated the yeast after all. Here's what I did:

1. Boiled enough water the night before brew day to activate the yeast. Stored boiled water in a sanitized canning jar.

2. Boiled about 1 cup of water in one of those 2 cup heavy glass Pyrex kitchen measuring pitchers in the microwave. This sanitized the and warmed the pitcher.

3. Empty water from pitcher.

3. Transferred the proper amount of the stored boiled water into the glass pitcher. Since the pitcher contained boiling water, the glass pitcher was warm and got the room temp. stored yeast activating water up to the proper 90F.

4. Suspended the yeast in the pitcher according to package directions. Covered the pitcher with aluminum foil and cooled the pitcher in an ice bath until the yeast suspension was about 70F.

5. Pitched yeast to wort.

Fermentation took right off. I enjoyed the ease and convenience of using dry yeasts for the first time.

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Old 12-10-2007, 06:33 PM   #10
Nov 2007
Cape Elizabeth, Maine
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without rehydrating. Maybe a bit more lag time but not enuff to bother.

I have had horrid luck with liquid/smack packs.
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