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Nov 2007
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Hello all,

I have been visiting this site, without posting for some time now. Good site with Good information.

I ahve a quick issue I would like to pose to the group relating to a PM Rauchbier I plan on brewing within the nest week or so. I live in northern NY. Currently we are experiencing winter temps and my apt. is holding around 60 degrees F - I know this because an Alt I have fermenting is at this temp right now - That said, coming temps will onyl go down.

I do not have a fridge in order to hold lager temps.
Originally for this Rauchbier, I had planning on using Wyeast Germal Ale Yeast as an acceptable comprimise. With temps going down from 60 degrees in the future, I am debating whether I should bite the bullet and attempt a lager yeast (bavarian Wyeast strand) instead. If temps do go below 60F I would be worried about the Ale yeast gettign too low but if I were to go to the Lager I would have no formal temp control other than the whims of mother nature.

Any input would be appreicated.
I am still probably leaning toward sticking with the relative safety of the ale but with lager temps coming in... it does seem temping.

Thanks to anyone who chimes in.

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Unless you really are concerned about some sort of heat wave coming through, go for the lager yeast. Thrill and adventure is half the fun of homebrewing.

Keeping that temperature within lager yeast temperatures really is only critical for a week or two, while the active fermentation is over. After that, you don't have to worry about esters, fusels, acetaldehyde, and all those other funky things that you don't want from lager yeasts.

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Welcome to the forums!

Where in northern NY? I'm not too far from Albany. I'm also planning a rauchbier at some point in the not-too-distant future, once the lagerator is free (like to have it ready by spring).

I *loves* me some good rauchbier!
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Nov 2007
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Thanks for the input.

I will be relying on the forgiving nature of the yeast for either choice, but doing a lager will be both fun and exciting... I am game.

I am sure the girlfriend will be really happy about me staring at my carboys even more than usual.

"look honey, this one is fermenting on the bottom!... Smell the airlock!"

I am in Saratoga Springs currently, but originally from Albany and Clifton park (if that means anything). Adams isn't too far away at all.

Thanks, gentlemen.

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