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Jun 2005
Surprise, AZ.
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Oh, so that's snow? Hell, it can get that deep around here too but it's dust!
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lol that video reminds me of the BLIZZARD OF AUGHT 6!!!! I remember I had to drive my coworkers truck home from work (we carpooled) because she was too chicken to drive it herself.

I soon found out why.

Imagine this; a Tacoma with no 4WD, bald tires and no weight in the back. I almost made her ass ride in the bed of the truck. Fun times!
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Feb 2007
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We has school canceled here last year after getting like 2 ft in day. Other than that people make it through.

that video is hilarious.

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May 2007
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In defense of my native southern states, we more often had ice on the roads than snow. I can drive in snow, but ice is a different ballgame. I watched a stopped car slide off of the road and into a ditch when I lived in NC. Ice storms suck. That said, yeah, people do freak out when it snows. It may, and I'm just speculating, have something to do with the fact that it only snows 1-2 times a year. When do you northerners imagine that we'd practice?
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Feb 2007
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Originally Posted by Short Drive
This is what we got over night. We have school today.
Looks like a lite snow fall, why wouldn't you have school?
Ofcourse I grew up in the "snow belt" outside of Cleveland. This area knows how to plow roads and uses an obscene amount of road salt.
I find taking the side streets with my "big bike" (4" wide 10psi tires on a bicycle) is loads of fun in the snow. Cleveland doesn't plow the side streets until the day after a snow or they become impassible. So the side streets have few cars, plenty of snow an are lots of fun. If only I could convince my wife I'm not going to die out there.

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Nov 2007
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Dude- I live in ALASKA and peope here freak out when it snows.

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Old 12-06-2007, 08:53 PM   #57
Short Drive
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Oct 2006
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Originally Posted by CBBaron
Looks like a lite snow fall, why wouldn't you have school?

We got 9.5 inches. I took that Picture out the back door. It was still snowing, all lake effect.(Like Cleavland)

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Old 12-06-2007, 09:48 PM   #58
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Aug 2006
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Hehe sucks for you guys! It's a nice 71* right now.

This happend my freshman year in 2004. I wasn't here to see it bc I went back home for christmas. People are STILL talking about it though and there are even a few books written about it! Every christmas since then they've brought it up on the news. Check it wasn't that much


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Nov 2007
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Originally Posted by olllllo
Portland I think.
Yep sure was.

I like snow, never had trouble getting around in it.

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