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Feb 2012
gunnsion, colorado
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Does anyone else feel Guinness is being wrongfully targeted here?

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Dec 2012
Cincinnati, OH
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Just a bit. "High Fructose Corn Syrup" is just sugar. Fish bladder? They mean isinglass. That crap is just fear-mongering. I support getting people to drink craft beer but this isn't the way to do it.

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Jan 2011
Sunshine and Big Holes
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Try to stay away from any American beers. Choose organic beer. Beers that contain 100% organic labels, have to have ingredients that are all 100% organic. While an “organic” label just means 95% of it will be organic. European beer is most likely to be safe from GMO ingredients but unfortunately, most other beer contains GMO artificial ingredients, stabilizers, grains and preservatives, plus, HFCS.
The paragraph under the list is full of inconsistencies. Besides the "American" beers that I think they are referring to aren't even owned in America! I thought it would be a good article but I was dissapointed in their analysis.

In Summary: Drink euro, everything else has GMO stuff. Don't drink american. Only drink organic from your local brewery here in america.
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Feb 2013
Powassan, Ontario
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it's like anything, moderation is key. some of those aren't may fav beer but i still drink them if someone offers them to me.

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Jun 2013
Baltimore, MD
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Everything on this list is being wrongfully targeted. It's just another article saying anything with GMOs is poison without providing any form of scientific evidence. Reminds me of the foodbabe article:
probably because it is listed as a source
A great response from brewers about that article seems to apply to most points in this one as well:

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Jan 2013
Cincinnati, Ohio
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Wow. The propaganda machine keeps on a turnin'.
LOL fish bladder..... ummmm....aka Isinglass?
And to say High Fructose Corn Syrup has been banned from food and drink is just a big fat lie. Yes, it's 'sugar' albeit chemically processed corn to create a sweetener, and the debate of good vs. bad for you will rage on for years to come, but to say it's been banned is downright irresponsible........well I was going to say journalism, but I won't insult those true journalists that actually research their articles before publishing them.
Gawd, I hate these types of things.....
beer and bourbon....no other liquids necessary

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Aug 2011
Tiverton, Rhode Island
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You worry too much about this stuff and you will spend your days suffering from ulcers.

Brew your own. You will probably be using GMO grains anyway..... Unless you buy organic and really know the source. Of course that would be very expensive.

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Feb 2014
Salt Lake City, Utah
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Why do so many people think GMO means it is bad for you? It is just genetically modified to produce more of something desirable.
I understand the high fructose corn syrup thing in soft drinks but in beer it will be fully fermented out so it shouldn't have any adverse effects.
The whole fish bladder thing is laughable. The swim bladders in fish are one of the purest sources of collagen.
They might as well do an article about Jello and say "High Fructose Corn Syrup AND Horse Hooves...STAY AWAY!!!"
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Sep 2013
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"8 weird beers discovered by a homebrewer"

Not propaganda, but clickbait. Worked, too.

BPA is absolutely the only thing on that list that is actually in lots of canned beer and is actually proven to be harmful as a hormone inhibitor (debate all you want, there's plenty of supporting science and many regulators worldwide have banned it). It's probably worse for kids. Don't let your kids drink can beer.

Caramel coloring can be marginally carcinogenic depending on method of production (per the state of CA).

HFCS is probably not used much in beer and the glycemic issues associated with its overconsumption are obviously irrelevant if it's been fermented away. It is sometimes produced, at least in the US, with an out-of-date means that may introduce moderate levels of mercury, which could be passed to the beer--but, come on, let's be real, probably not in quantity.

GMO corn syrup... I don't know, you're not looking at any real protein content, so the few legit allergenic concerns about GMOs go out the window. GMO corn in the mash for adjunct lagers, I guess, OK, maybe. Depends on what you believe about the problems with GMO in general. Not imaginary, vastly overstated.

Nothing wrong with propylene glycol. You seriously have to chug it to get sick.

Carageenan is... it's carageenan. It's in lots of stuff. It's from seaweed. Some people apparently think it's carcinogenic, there doesn't seem to be any real support for that.

What the hell is "Natural Flavors" doing on that list? What does that mean? My god. Insect-based dyes... what beer contains insect-based dyes (usually red)? They're perfectly safe, but for real, what beer? Killians? Crikey.
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Oct 2013
Atlanta, Georgia
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Corn is a genetically modified plant, and has been for thousands of years. In fact, corn would not exist without "genetic modification".

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