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Apr 2007
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Evil twin!

My evil twin, bad weather friend
He always wants to start when I want to begin*
It scares me so, like I scare myself
With that book of nostradamus up upon my shelf

Playing hangman til the morning light
Doing donuts on the neighbors lawn
Then sleep all through the day, get up and start again
I can hear some sirens somewhere but I dont know why

My evil twin runs home again
Search lights look for an alibi, but Ill be home by then

Here he comes again, my evil twin
My friends have seen him hiding underneath my skin

Who cut the arm off the voodoo doll
That resembles a republican president from long ago
Id hate to see you leave
cause I have grown so grateful for the
Blame you save me from

My twin
My twin
My twin

(my twin) I know he looks like me
(my twin) hates work like me and walks like me
(my twin) hes even got a twin like me

My evil twin, bad weather friend
I know some day Ill meet him
But I dont know where or when

Hoppy Beerday!
Come join Yankee Ingenuity!

"I'm kind of toasted. But I looked at my watch and it's only 6:30 so I can't stop drinking yet." - Yooper's Bob
"Brown eye finally recovered after the abuse it endured in Ptown last weekend, but it took almost a full week." - Paulie
"no, he just doesn't speak 'stupid'. i, however, am fluent...." - motobrewer
"... I'll go both ways." - Melana

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Happy Birthday EvilTOJ!

Hope it's a Drunk one!

"Yes, I am a pirate two hundred years too late. The cannons don't thunder there's nothin' to plunder,
I'm an [under] forty victim of fate, Arriving too late, arriving too late."
-Jimmy Buffet

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Have a great day. Drink one beer for every member of the forum all 15000 of us.
Originally Posted by Strange Brewer
Had some Bud Light analyzed once. They told me my dog had diabetes... And was pregnant

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Bernie Brewer
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Originally Posted by sause
Have a great day. Drink one beer for every member of the forum all 15000 of us.

I tried that yesterday. Big mistake. Happy Birthday!!!!!!
I like to squeeze the nickle until the buffalo craps-mt rob

"Why don't we get drunk and screw?" Jimmy Buffett

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Short Drive
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Three cheeseheads in a row

Happy Birthday!!!

Magic Bus Brewery

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Dec 2005
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oh holy crap! Wow, I'm touched you guys, really I am. Since I got a thread all about me I'm going to relay a story to you that happened today. Today is my birthday, and I decided that as a gift to me, I'm going to re-start my homebrewing equipment collection. After trolling on craigslist all morning, I find a listing for some cheap glass carboys. The guy calls me, and I go over to his house to pick them up.

I got a 6.5 gallon and a 5 gallon carboy for $32.50. That's actually a good deal for such things, really. As I was leaving, he said "I have some beer making stuff if you're interested"
I stopped the van and said "I'm listening". So for an extra $5, I got an autosiphon, a malt bucket for Lets Brew, a blowoff tube, and another plastic gallon bucket.

I scored! The autosiphon alone is $15 brand new, the malt buckets are $3.50 at Lets Brew, The blowoff tube is probably about $3. oh and I got some hop bags too.

And here's the strange part: The guy was fat and old like most homebrewers are, and has a long mostly white beard. He had these blue twinkly eyes, and was WEARING ALL RED FLANNEL! I **** you not, little turds, I **** you not!

And another thing; both mapquest and google maps couldn't find his address. He didn't live out in BFE, this is in the middle of a huge subdivision. I don't think I ever got his name either....

OK, MAYBE I won't be Oliver Cromwell this year. Mostly.
There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness."

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Happy Birthday!
I hope you had a great day.
I bet if you went back to where you picked that stuff up, Santa (I mean that guy) won't be there.

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